As Obama continues to whine on the debt ceiling issue

Be sure to remember this little piece of wisdom he offered America a few short years ago.


  1. This morning news conferences by the President and the Republican leaders appeared to finally say that we are on the road to a deal.

    All sides know what needs to be done and that our goverment needs to be updated to satisfy the debt and healthcare issues.

  2. Obama is an idiot and the Republicans are ones too for even listening to him. thinks that moodys will lower the rating because of this, does anyone else agree?


    am i missing something but has either side of the aisle and their leaders ever set forth in detail the line item budget cuts they promise ? not the pencils and paper but the big ticket items . the speeches and comments are very general. i know that is DC talk but it is words over substance. show me the money, show me the cuts and show me something to believe in. at home we can cut movies, ice cream and candy to start with, and then add up the savings. who are these guys ? who pushes their buttons ?