It’s a tough time to be a liberal in Milwaukee

Apparently even the Milwaukee County Executive you just worked so hard to elect is turning into Republican Scott Walker. I mean, what’s a near communist to do?

From Uppity Wisconsin:

This is what comes, I suppose, from electing a liberal millionaire to run a county whose extremes of wealth and poverty are great. Rather than imaginatively proposing a significant tax hike on his wealthy friends and the larger corporations in the County, or even a sales tax on luxury items, or a tax on people who work in Milwaukee County but live elsewhere, Abele will, in effect, do exactly what Gov. Walker is doing in Madison: punish the poor and the public servants.

I must have a strange since of humor, but dang. That is some funny stuff.


  1. Cindy. what is a “near communist”. ?. i respect your opinions and ask for an explanation. when Sen. (Rep.Wis.) , as stated in the news when quoting a politician) was disgraced because of loose language and unfounded allegations based on scare tactics, it should have been over. the above is Joe McCarthy. even as teenagers in high school we rushed to watch infancy Tv to see the big political show.and we knew what it was about. name calling is no longer acceptable. facts are. i know you meant well but the return of the communist threat is no longer with us. even the whigs and the tories are gone, except in GB. Cordially. Dick

  2. I need to get to that. I’ll explain myself. Just give me time.

  3. I’m betting Cindy’s definition of a “near Communist” is anyone who isn’t “fairly conservative.”