Greg Sargent from the Washington Post and Red Herring.

You remember Red Herring from Scooby-Doo, right? Well he’s doing time at the Washington Post. On the very day I mention Governor Scott Walker is enjoying a Democrat fizzle in this state, the Post is insisting that a recall is not only imminent, it will be started by Republicans this fall.


Here’s the situation, in a nutshell: The date of the recall depends on when signature gathering for the election starts. If it starts this fall, just after the recalls against state senators wrap up, activists will have 60 days to collect the required signatures. If they succeed by the end of the year, Wisconsin officials very well may schedule the Walker recall to coincide with the next big statewide election: The GOP primary.

Yet another outsider who’s forgotten to read the fine print. Ok, the not so fine print. The law states an elected individual is not subject to recall until they’ve served a year. Walker was sworn in January 3, 2010, so there’s no way the filings would be certified by the GAB to allow signatures to be collected this fall. There is talk of pushing it out to the next fall. But that goes back to the idea there’s not really a good time to recall Scott Walker.

(And Emily Mills did not say she wanted “to begin collecting signatures for Walker’s recall just after the current elections conclude, in order to build on their momentum” as Sargent asserts. We see eye-to-eye on basically nothing, but that woman is much too bright to have made that kind of error.)

In short, Greg, take Red and back away from the keyboard. You may have thousands of readers, but unfortunately for those poor fools, you don’t have an inkling of your subject matter.