Doyle’s Recovery

The news for Wisconsin jobs was good today. Workforce Development says 12,900 jobs were created here in the private sector for June. And…

Citing the latest data, which Wisconsin receives from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Walker noted that Wisconsin effectively created half of the net new jobs in the nation last month, which was an abysmal month for national job creation.

One lefty blogger calls it Doyle’s Recovery.

Another claims you can “polish the turd” and that a 0.2% rise in the month proves it’s Doyle’s Recovery.

The last stresses “Not all jobs are created equal.” That’s why you shouldn’t like those numbers.

If it makes you guys feel any better, Forbes is labeling it 9,500 net jobs, as we’re shedding government jobs.

Doyle’s Recovery in Wisconsin and Bush’s Recession nationwide. Keep smoking the Kool-Aid, guys. Keep smoking the Kool-Aid.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Let’s look at the total picture. Doyle was in office for 8 years, plenty long to work his plan. The unemployment rate was 5.3 % when he took office in 2003 and it was 7.5 % when he left. That’s an increase of 41.5 % in 8 years.

    Walker’s been in 7 months and people are nit-picking about tenths of a point. Neither side should puff their chest out about short term spikes or dips, but all can conclude Doyle’s 8 year record was abysmal.

    And to make their point some of your referenced posters cherry-picked the rate when Doyle left office to accentuate the rate under Walker and failed to mention it had substantialy risen during Doyle’s tenure to get there.

    Time will tell.

  2. That was all very logical, but I’m sure in their minds logic has nothing to do with it.

  3. Well, when only a few hundred jobs were created last month, people were quick to point fingers at Walker.

    National trends are more important here. It’s tough for any state to generate jobs if the national economy is in the gutter. State initiatives are mostly about dividing the pie. Wisconsin is in better shape than Illinois, and pending the results of the recalls next month, has been moving in the right direction. It historically hasn’t been very competitive, but now it’s attracting some employers from Illinois.

  4. We must consider an all important statistic developed by the Obama administration called jobs saved or created. Under this statistic we must add all the jobs that Walker saved by gaining economic concessions from the public employee union, otherwise, some of those same employees would have been laid off.

  5. Leapin, you are brilliant. You should chime in more often.