Pounding hopelessness into us at an unbelievable rate.

Dave Ramsey is knocking my socks off this morning.

Think about that statement. On the one hand, the media has pounded hopelessness into us at an unbelievable rate, on the other, one man was peddling hope.

Really. Stop for a few minutes and think about that.


  1. I love the part where he talks about those who prosper being made to feel as if they are evil:

    “Somehow, we made evil for a Christian to manage God’s wealth in such a way that he witnesses by his life and his wealth that God’s ways of handling money works. That’s not evil – it’s cause and effect.”

  2. Thanks for having it on your Facebook page. I would have missed it otherwise.

  3. Bemused says:

    Didn’t watch the video but I love Dave! His FPU should be required to get a marrige license. I miss listening to him in the afternoon’s on AM540.

  4. Interesting you should mention that. I know my son and his fiance did it. It sounded really well arranged.

    (If you happen to be my son or his fiance, ignore that.)

  5. I love Dave! Thanks for posting this; I can’t wait to watch it.