Hello America! Go book your airline tickets

Congress failed to act, and now the FAA can’t collect those nasty taxes on your ticket. I’ve just saved $15 – about 15% – on a ticket from Austin to Milkwaukee.

Frontier Airlines’ website is making this adjustment automatically. American Airlines is not. I will be calling AA later today as I want my money back.

Go forth and travel happy.


  1. The Lorax says:

    Funny story – I just helped my friend book his ticket to Jakarta. Usually he pays around $2200 or $2400. I decided I could do better. I hopped on to Orbitz and plugged in the days I thought would be the cheapest fare. And what do you know, Whallah! (as they say…) I came up with a fare for $1800 – a real steal.

    I spent hours and hours on different sites, using many combinations of days, never finding a better fare. Then I found a $1500 fare on Singapore Airlines.

    Here’s the catch. Singapore Airlines was going to charge $740 in taxes. From the research I have done, Singapore Airlines calls their “fuel surcharge” a tax, which makes the fare look cheaper until you read the fine print. Jeez!

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    The blue light special is over. Most airlines have raised their prices back to same levels as before the tax break.


  3. I had read that. Some are still letting it through. There’s also some speculation that you’ll be stuck with it at the airport if the taxes are reinstated at the time you fly.

    Perhaps this is one of those times you just had to be in the zone.