Walker Stalkers disrupt another ceremony for the developmentally disabled

What in the world do these folks get for targetting the developmentally disabled? All Opportunities Inc. did was invite Governor Walker to speak.

This is the evening of the event.

I sure hope Wisconsin wakes up soon to the fact that a certain part of this population deserves to be ostracized because of the way they treat others. I have no sympathy at all for any of the organized union workers arguing perceived rights after watching what this group of protesters is willing to do.

What a shame the media pretends it isn’t happening.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    In reality Walker personally has done nothing to the unions. The voters of Wisconsin elected him to do what he is doing. Events like this play very well to the choir — that would be the diminishing 14.2 % that union members comprise of the work force. But to the other 85 % of non-union workers and many non-working citizens, protests like this will win few converts to the cause. These are the same tactics used by that Westboro Church that shows up at military funerals–only difference is the cause.

  2. John Foust says:

    The local paper described it this way and this way. The event wasn’t honoring the workers, it was celebrating the anniversary of the company. The protesters were not misbehaving to any significant degree, according to the local police chief.

    One, count ’em, one, was arrested for pounding on the building. One was taken from the scene and released. “One Walker supporter was given the choice to leave or be arrested; he chose the former.”

    I was most puzzled by this part. “The motorcade appeared to be traveling fast as it passed protestors and law enforcement officers along the roadway. Wisconsin State Patrol troopers on the corner acknowledged observing the vehicles’ seemingly higher rate of speed and subsequently spoke with the drivers, advising them to be more cautious.” The police kept the streets cleared. The protesters honored the company’s yellow-tape to stay off their lawn, too. So why does the presence of protesters allow the Governor’s entourage to defy the speed limit?

  3. So the Union says it’s ok to protest and was proud only one person was arrested.

    Gotta admit, your priorities nauseate me, John Foust. If I liked you enough I’d be embarrassed for you, but alas, you aren’t worth my feelings.

  4. I may have to steal the Walker Stalkers moniker. There needs to be some semblance of sanity in this debate.

  5. Randy Hollenbeck says:


    The protest was organized by lefty group Citizens Action of Wisconsin.

    Take a look at their Board of Directors, notice any names on it?

    Citizen Action of Wisconsin Board of Directors
    Mark Thomsen (President)
    Wisconsin Association for Justice

    Jackie Boynton (Treasurer)
    At Large Member

    Lynn Breedlove (Vice President)
    Executive Director
    Disability Rights Wisconsin

    Leon Burzynski (Secretary)
    Wisconsin Alliance of Retired Americans

    Tanya Atkinson
    Vice President of Public Affairs
    Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin Advocate

    Peter Bakken
    Director of Public Policy
    Wisconsin Council of Churches

    Katie Belanger
    Executive Director Fair Wisconsin

    Lew Boyd
    Menominee Indian Tribe of WI

    MacCanon Brown
    Executive Director
    Repairers of the Breach

    Pam Campbell
    Vice President PSRP

    Connie Raether
    ESTHER (Wisdom)

    Jim Cavanaugh
    South Central Federation of Labor

    Sheila Cochran
    Milwaukee Area Labor Council

    Guy Costello

    Gene Farley
    Madison Institute

    Jim Garrity
    President Council 40

    Linda Gaston-Mounger
    Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

    Bryan Kennedy

    Linda Leaf

    Marilyn Nemeth
    Alliance for Retired Americans – WI Chapter

    Christine Neumann-Ortiz
    Executive Director
    Voces de la Frontera

    Craig Oliver
    At Large

    Candice Owley
    WI Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals

    Chris Rose
    Workers United

    Brad Schwanda

    Jason Sidener
    Political Action Representative
    AFSCME Council 40

    Amy Stear
    Wisconsin Director 9to5

    Clarrissa Barnes
    At Large Public Member

    Bruce Colburn

    Betsy Kippers

    Bill Neuhaus
    WI Famers Union

    Sandy Pasch
    State Representative

    Helen Keld Roys
    State Representative

    Rev. Ken Wheeler
    Cross Lutheran Church


  6. So Sandy Pasch, who wants to be a state senator, thinks it’s cool to protest at a ceremony for the developmentally disabled. Wow.

  7. “The protesters were not misbehaving to any significant degree, according to the local police chief. ”

    Always a qualifier based on feelings when from the left.

    So it’s acceptable to title a story on this event as, “peaceful”, “non-violent”…

    kinda the same way Middle East dictators label protests in their media.

  8. Non-story. Just another “tool” in the “tool box”

  9. Oh, I agree it’s a tool in the toolbox. Making sure it stays a “story” gets it working for Wisconsin Republicans. I’ll try to do my part.

  10. In short, Foust endorses this bad behavior.