We have a deal

And at least one blogger isn’t happy. The end is my favorite.

In exchange for caving in to all those points—many of which were stated to be showstoppers, by the White House, a mere few weeks ago—here’s what Republicans have conceded to:

Congratulations! You’re now caught up. Unless, that is, the Republicans decide that in order to let this previously rote bit of legislation through they need to demand yet more—say, the nullification of Roe v. Wade, or a free gold-nugget-pooping pony for every Republican member of the House, or the impeachment of Obama just because they feel like it—it appears this is the deal we’re going with.

Heck I’d even try for Congress if I could get a gold-nugget-pooping pony. 🙂

Seriously, though, the final deal doesn’t look very different from what I’d suggested last week.

This is currently circulating in the House from Speaker Boehner.


  1. J. Strupp says:

    If I negotiated this deal at my place of employment I would be fired immediately.

    President Obama needs to play out the next year and half and then find something else to do with his life. Maybe he can get a job shoveling the horse manure that comes out of his mouth daily. Obviously, he doesn’t have the backbone for this job so let’s give someone else a shot.

    There is nothing in this deal that helps the average American. You’re a sucker if you think that budget cuts right now help the average American. All we did was show the world that our political system is more incompetent than ever and our President is dead money at the bargaining table.

    Enter the next phase of this travesty:

    The insistance by “fiscal conservatives” that tax cuts for job creators would eliminate uncertainty and create jobs for average Americans and reduce the deficit at the same time. Oh it’s coming. Election’s right around the corner.

  2. J. Strupp says:

    This sentence from a NY Times article in today’s paper made me laugh out loud. It sums up today’s “deal” perfectly IMO. Our leadership is truly insane:


    “WASHINGTON — The nation’s political leaders agreed on Sunday to spend and invest less money in the American economy, a step that economists said risks the reversal of a faltering recovery, in the hope of improving the nation’s long-term prosperity. “

  3. Struppster,

    Take a breath and then go read this from The Economist. You won man.


  4. J. Strupp says:

    Hi Jeremy.

    I’m not sure how contracting inflation-adjusted discretionary spending over the next couple of years is a victory. And you can bet UI extensions and infrastructure spending are on the chopping block (because 2.75% interest is too steep of an interest payment to pay you know) .

    We can’t grind along 2% GDP Y-O-Y Jeremy. This deal assures low growth at best and cronic unemployment for years to come.

    And phase two of this travesty is the insistance of tax cuts for job creators, repatriation of offshored profits and other supply side answers to demand problems. You know it’s coming. It’s almost election time you know.

    It’s been slow over at RWC lately. Taking the summer off?

  5. Stupp,

    Since Krugman is always telling me inflation is not a danger, I thought it was possible spending would acutally increase in nominal AND real terms. If you ran the numbers and say otherwise OK.

    As far as infrastructure goes, I agree that the interstate highway system is not a threat to individual liberty and with record low borrowing costs, we should be pulling those purchases forward (note this is an entirely separate from the Keynesian quesiton, it is just common sense). So, the real question is, how did this common sense notion become politically impossible?

    My answer is that many people feel that government (all levels) simply does too much and too much of that not well enough. If balanced budgets had been the norm rather than the exception for the last 50 years I think things would be very different now. Call it irrational if you will, but, hey, were a nation of human beings.

    Unfortunately, blogging has gone a bit by the way side this summer due to other concerns. It’s too bad really with everything that has been going on. When are you starting your blog?