20 to 1

20 to 1.  According to the La Crosse Tribune, that’s the ratio of money from “independent groups” pouring into the Kapanke/Shilling race.  Guess which candidate is getting all that out of state money?

This is the unions’ last stand… and realizing that inspired me to open up my wallet and give a small sum to Kapanke.  His odds of winning are not good, but can you imagine the shock and horror that would ensue inside Union Headquarters if he can somehow pull it off? 

Just the thought of seeing a good and decent man prevail over the union thugs brings a smile to my face.




  1. The Lorax says:

    Dan Kapanke is “a good and decent man”, unlike regular people in Wisconsin who are being thrown under the bus.

  2. The Lorax says:

    And I do think that it’s indicative of Kapanke’s defeat being a forgone conclusion.

  3. We’ve already covered this. By what possible definition does losing special bargaining privileges that very few private employees get and having to pay a small fraction more for your pension/health benefits constitute being thrown under the bus?

    Same tired rhetoric. Class warfare. Republicans hate common people. It is so stale. Please give it up already.

    That’s why the Republicans have to keep the Senate… to prove that this sort of approach is as ineffective as it is mindless.

  4. Lorax –

    Since you don’t care much for Walker as gov what exactly did you like about Jim Doyle?

    The 3.6 billion deficit? The huge tax increases that still did NOT balance Wisconsin’s budget? The fund raiding?

  5. From the article:

    “…the relative lack of independent conservative spending could mean those groups have given up on Kapanke…” UW-Madison PoliSci Prof Ken Mayer


  6. The Lorax says:

    Leapin, as much as you want this discussion to be about Doyle, it’s not. He was a good governor and I stand by him. But this conversation is about the future of our state, and Jim Doyle isn’t a part of that equation. Otherwise, we might as well talk about Scott McCallum and his skullduggery.