Republican Cowles keeps District 2

Returns are coming in.

Republican Hasdorf keeps District 10. (9:23 p.m.)

TMJ-4 just called Olsen the winner in District 14. (10:01 p.m.)

I’ll interject at this point that three Republicans are safe, and one is to be picked up in the Democrat race later this month, so I don’t think it will be going out on a limb to say the Republican trifecta stays in place.

Democrat Shilling declared the winner in District 32. (10:09 p.m.) (I.e., Kapanke went down as expected.)

So, this morning I see Hopper went down, too. So we’re down two Republicans and there’s no way the Senate will switch to Democratic leadership.

There’s nothing to see here. Move along.

(I’ll write more later today. I have to make an airport run this early morning.)


  1. No matter how much Daily Kos or the Dems try to spin this, this was a huge blow to the Dems. They had the enthusiasm gap, and the funding advantage working in their favor, and they came up short. Darling’s lead looks pretty comfortable right now. Kapanke and Hopper going down weren’t big surprises. Kapanke was a Republican in a Democratic district, and Hopper went hiking the Appalachian Trail. Besides those two races handed on a silver platter, the GOP held its own.

  2. This is what democracy looks like! These were presidential turnout numbers, so Kos and Huffington can’t honestly claim that they don’t reflect the will of the people. They won’t admit it, and will try to spin this as a victory, but in reality, they threw everything and the kitchen sink at Walker and came up short. The budget bill actually is working, and trying to drag Paul Ryan into this probably didn’t help matters, either. Perhaps the recent market crash actually helped the GOP, too, since it framed just how much of a failure the Obama administration has been.

  3. It is an enormous blow to Wisconsin Democrats. They should be humiliated.

  4. As humiliated as a fool blaming the S&P downgrade on the Tea Party.