The riots in London

I have a friend with family there. From what I understand, it’s actually worse than what we are seeing. Instead of the sensationalized media taking over, the government is doing their very best to keep it out of the news because of next year’s Olympic games.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, start here.

Now, I just read this on a comment and think it’s very important, so I’m going to share:

The Brits gave up thier guns to a marxist govt, now look at Britain. They are being beaten, raped, robbed, stripped nekkid on the streets and thier houses and businesses are being looted and burned to the ground. The Brits have NO DEFENCE, they voluntarily gave the govt thier GUNS. Now they are being crushed by the anarchists who have NO FEAR of the people who they hate for not bringing them money and everything else for free. When citizens give thier guns to the govt, they give their freedoms also. A citizen without a gun is a slave to anarchists. NOW you see why Comrade Barak Hussein 0bummer is trying so desperately to take away the firearms of the American citizen. 0buma is leading us down the same path as England and other nations that today have had uprisings by radicals who ignored gun laws and kept thier firearms. THose minority radicals now have the upper hand and are supported by the same govts that enacted gun control on its citizens to keep them “safe”. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. FREEDOM REQUIRES SACRIFICE AND BLOOD TO STAY ABOVE THE RADICALS WHO WOULD KILL TO TAKE IT.

I know it’s a rough statement, but I feel very strongly it’s a true statement. If you’ve not been to Europe recently, you won’t have an understanding of the changes that have taken place.

We are headed down that path under this current regime. (I won’t use the word leadership. Not after the last few weeks – we have none.) Stalemate is as good as it gets around here for a while. The rest is up to you in 2012.


  1. This is kind of scary from CNBC:
    “In late June, half the public schools in Britain where closed by a massive protest over public pensions cuts, including three major teachers’ unions, customs and immigration officers, and air traffic controllers. Some 750,000 people took part in the protest.”

    Protests over public pension cuts?
    Teachers unions?
    Air traffic?

    Nah this could never happen in America……

  2. J. Strupp says:

    Then go down the street and arm yourself to the teeth if you feel it’s necessary to defend your family and property. No one has taken that right from you or anyone else. Not in the last 3 years. Not in the last two hundred. And not next year either.