Recall round one: post mortem

So, millions and millions of dollars later, nothing changed. Wisconsin is a red state with Republicans in control of the Assembly and Senate and a Republican Governor.

No matter how Democrats try to spin last nights results, the fact remains they failed in their goal to regain the Senate. They failed in their goal to initiate momentum. As I suggested in a comment earlier, they should be humiliated, especially when you hear that their party spokesman, Graeme Zielinski said,

“We believe the election in this contest has been tampered with by Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus.

“She’s sitting on votes. We believe that right now, there are severe irregularities in Waukesha County once again. We believe the very fate of the Wisconsin Senate hangs in the balance and is in the hands of a woman who has already shown extreme incompetence.”

“We believe there’s dirty tricks afoot.”

Mike Tate, the Dem chair in Wisconsin, backed off the statement a day later. I’m going to go out on a very sturdy limb and suggest Mr. Zielinksi will soon be looking for alternative employment.

(Inside baseball alert: I am told a lot of what comes out of the spokesman’s mouth is to continue or even exacerbate the rift he holds with his former employer, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The practice doesn’t do WisDems any favor, that’s for certain.)

So, Wisconsin Democrats embarrassed themselves with the Prosser/Kloppenburg race where they cost the state an expensive recount. They cost taxpayers again with these recalls where granted they took two seats, but utterly failed in their goal to make any greater difference. No wonder they are starting to back away from their publicly stated goal to recall Governor Scott Walker.

WisDems, the fat lady is finishing her aria. Time to pick up what’s left of your integrity and look towards November 2012.

About that. I think – and granted this is little more than thinking out loud – last night’s failure translates into Wisconsin no longer being the swing state that was once believed. I suspect we’ll be getting a little less presidential traffic than I had thought a year or so ago. I do expect more Republican primary candidates to come through, though, as we are now recognized as an energetic Republican voting constituency. (And I will delight in the fact that if Wisconsin goes Republican, Obama’s chances of re-election are pretty much gone.)

It would be wrong of me to credit anyone other than Scott Walker and now Republican National Committee head Reince Priebus. Thanks, guys. I love my thoroughly red state.

Love it.


  1. I disagree that WI is no longer a swing state. Rather, I think that it actually is now a competitive state in terms of presidential politics rather than being a blue state that masqueraded as a swing state.

  2. Wilson828 says:

    What’s really important for a clear understanding is that voter turnout was very high and the way our govt works is that ‘we’ the people have spoken on the govt we want and the direction we want to go. Suck it up that’s the way it works. Yesterdays results were actually a very clear endorsement if Walker. Sorry but it was.

  3. Yeah, I agree with KPOM. Honestly, I think Obama is still the favorite to win Wisconsin in 2012. A very slight favorite, but a favorite nonetheless.

    If the Democrat won the most recent presidential election by just a hair under 14 points, you cannot be considered a red state, regardless of what has transpired since then.

  4. Think of it this way… if Democrats won some big statewide/local races in Mississippi in the last year or so, would you be ready to call Mississippi a blue state?

    Well, Obama won Wisconsin by more than McCain won Mississippi.

  5. I just read something that made me tap my foot and think a bit…another reason Walker won’t face recall is because they’ll set the standard higher to certify an election prior to anyone circulating the petitions.

    I don’t think it would be a very gracious thing to do, but I do concede it would be a smart way to button this down. The state won’t move forward as long as Dems continue to threaten.

  6. Hmmm…. that’s interesting Cindy… Do you mean that for the governor only or for all recalls?

  7. It would have to apply to all recalls, I think.

  8. BrkfldDad says:

    I did find this analysis interesting. Fewer voters effect a recall than put the candidate in place.

  9. That’s not a revelation of any kind. For all the talk of “historic” turnouts, it really depends upon your points of comparison. The stronger argument is that recall really shouldn’t be on the books at all. Maybe that’s the change the legislature should make, but it might be in the constitution?

  10. BrkfldDad says:

    I’d agree. Given you rarely see a huge margin in most elections these days, it’s a shame that those in the minority can easily gather the signatures for a recall, then generate this artificial election cycle that relies heavy on rallying the troops – not to mention the waste of taxpayer dollars required to support and execute the election.

  11. Running on a platform of vilifying your opponent rather than standing on your record will get you humiliation eventually.

    Saying you want tax money to help the “poor” but spending millions on campaigns should produce the same result.

    It does attract non taxpaying voters who rely on their “fair share” of federal spending for their existence.

    Welcome to the new America. We won this time…

  12. Wandering Badger says:

    ex-pat (I remember the tear gas drifting from campus to Mad-West High) now out west but was in Mad City a couple times this spring. Original predictions turned out pretty good so far. My guess is next week’s recalls are a split. Congratulations – pretty honest assessments. The Mad City loons are over reaching, coupled with the tone-def Reid-Pelosi-Obama troika, it spells the end of the Democrat Party as it currently exists (JFK, Tip O’Neil (sp), FDR etc should rise up and haunt the venom spewing current leadership).

  13. Mr. Romney says that corporations are people at a rally, and added that corporate money goes to people. what say you people ?

    The Republican presidential debates are healthy and will help the party and sort out those who have savvy and knowledge.

  14. Unions are corporations too. I’m for equal treatment.

  15. Well, last I checked, CEOs of corporations are people, stockholders of corporations are people, a large % of people are employed by corporations.

    So yeah, that sounds like a reasonable statement to me.

  16. Romney is “generic Republican”. Beyond that he has little going for him.

  17. Aren’t most unions incorporated? I think that would cover it, TerryN.

    Aren’t corporations a legal person? After that I’d agree with Ryan.

    But then, I also agree with KPOM. I just can’t get excited about Romney. I’m looking forward to seeing what Perry might offer. I’m sick to the point of crying from Palin, although I’ll confess she’s been smart to stay out of the public eye for a couple of weeks. Bachmann looks to have the potential to be gaffalicious. I still think Paul Ryan will run.

  18. do a little research and you find find out that a corporation is a an entity separate from the common legal sector. there is a corporate shield between the corp and the public which protects the corp people generally from liability except for fraud. a corp has a special irs no. and files a special tax return. usually stockholders have nothing to say as some play the market , many do not vote by choice and most voices are not taken seriouisly. the CEO is hired by the board to do what the board wants him to do. the board listens to the CEO , management and big investors and acts accordingly. mostly no-one challenges board decisions from within. a corp has no personal ID, can file bankruptcy, can dissolve, can reorganize and can hide behind the corp veil. the corp is a fictional entity and reaps the benefits of tax breaks not given to people. there is much more but other legal minds may differ with me as i have represented many corporations. this is all from memory and not to be taken as the legal gospel.