Robert Wirch: Shameless Demagogue

Wow wow wow.  Watch this video.  I’m a political junkie and I’ve watched a lot of debates.  I’ve never seen an instance where one candidate was so respectful and thoughtful and the other was such an arrogant, partisan hack.

In particular, listen to Wirch at the 7:00 mark.  How many times can one narcissistic politician say “I” and engage in class warfare in 90 seconds?


  1. That’s Wirch.

  2. The Lorax says:

    I believe it was the governor’s budget that marked the first shot in Wisconsin’s class warfare.

  3. Baloney. That’s just a lefty talking point. That budget did more to benefit Wisconsin than anything over the last dozen years. The middle class definitely wins when property taxes stay lower. The elderly really win since they are often house rich and cash poor.

    You need to know what you’re talking about, really, really, know what you are talking about, before you babble on. Really all you’ve put forward in the last few months is sour grapes.

  4. BrkfldDad says:

    Lorax, you used the wrong word there. Scott Walker took a shot AT Wisconsin’s class warfare, it’s been going on for 50 years.