Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) laying off staff

About 40% according to this snippet in the MJS.

[Executive Director Dan] Burkhalter said that the layoffs and other budget cuts at WEAC are a result of Gov. Scott Walker’s “union-busting” legislation.

What, me? Gloat? Ah, come on. It was a long six months. I need to celebrate just a little bit.

And no, don’t whine that I’m excited 42 people are losing their jobs. I’m not. I am excited jobs are shifting from union-centric to private sector, though. Very excited.


  1. Make sure you figure this in to the “jobs created” tally.

  2. BrkfldDad says:

    Gladly into the jobs maintained category, where well more than a very deserving 42 teachers statewide are able to keep their jobs.

  3. Why would WEAC receive significantly less money under the new budget and Act 10. We know that the vast majority of school districts have not been forced to make layoffs and some have even hired more teachers. In addition to this, gross salary cuts were not part of Act 10.

    This leaves the most likely source of the WEAC budget difficulties: teachers are taking advantage of Act 10 and choosing not to pay dues or are paying less in dues now that it is voluntary.

  4. Can you blame them? Would you pay a plummer with no snake? Since its bargaining ability was stripped away, all the union can do now, basically, is lobby.

  5. Jim, the union maintains the ability to bargain over salary.

    But I guess that isn’t important enough for you.

  6. “…maintains the ability to bargain over salary.”

    You know and I know even that ability has been significantly curtailed.

    “But I guess that isn’t important enough for you.”

    No. It’s not. Would you like your divorce lawyer bargaining under such conditions?

  7. Super Mega Store says:

    Divorce lawyer? Do they GARNISH WAGES, Jim?