For Wisconsin Democrats it was “majority or bust.”

That’s the final world from Tom Jensen at Public Policy Polling. Their inquiry found that very few Democrats are happy with the outcomes of last week’s recall elections.

Nationally both Democrats and Republicans claimed victory in last week’s recall elections: Republicans because they maintained control of the State Senate and Democrats because they picked up two seats they hadn’t been able to win even in the wave election of 2008. When it comes to Wisconsin voters though there’s a more stark contrast in reactions. Republicans are pleased with the results by a 73/13 margin. Democrats are unhappy with the results by a 17/64 spread. Clearly for Democratic voters in the state it was a majority or bust.

Also, (tee hee hee) new data shows a Walker recall to be less popular than originally considered.

50% of Wisconsin voters generally oppose a recall of Walker, compared to 47% in favor. Those numbers are flipped from our last statewide poll, in May, which found 50% generally in support of a recall and 47% in opposition.

Ah, but they insist Feingold is Still The Man.

For all that Walker could still be in pretty big trouble though. Russ Feingold would lead him 52-45 in a recall at this stage, taking independents by a 53-43 margin. Despite his defeat last year in an election marked by very low Democratic turnout, Feingold remains decently popular in the state with a 49/43 favorability rating.

By the way, go to that first link and read the PPP post. They might as well have “A Democratic Sweat Shop” as their byline. There’s no mistaking the bias in that summary.


  1. PPP never did lose their partisan qualifier in RealClearPolitics’ roundup, and now they’re the official pollster of DailyKos.