Why is Obama avoiding Wisconsin?

He’s on this grand Midwest bus tour, taxpayer funded of course, through Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. Why no love for Wisconsin? Aren’t we a toss up state?

Like I’ve said before, maybe not any longer. Plus, there are two recall elections today.

Two very quiet recall elections today. Where’s all that Dem bravado? I’m kind of missing it here.

By the way, Steve Eggleston comes through with a thorough writing of today’s events. In particular I like that he found a second poll with different numbers. So, it’s either close or it’s not; either two Dems will win, or one Dem one Republican, or two Republicans will seal the deal.

Here’s my take, one more time: it doesn’t matter. And that’s why I think these races are getting so much less coverage than last week’s. While it’s fun for Republicans to argue the press doesn’t want to publicize the chance of a Dem going down, the more likely answer is that these elections are no longer news worthy of selling papers.

Personally, I’m waiting for Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Graeme Zielinski to announce he’s resigning to spend more time with his goldfish. Get this quote from the MJS:

Gillian Morris, a spokeswoman for the state Democratic Party, said Monday in an email: “The poll released today reflects what we have seen on the ground in these last couple days.”

The biggest paper in the state is doing a story on today’s recall elections and they have a statement from “Gillian Morris, a spokeswoman for the state Democratic Party.” That’s telling.


  1. Hey, Althouse answered this one. I didn’t realize she’d written it.


  2. Yeah, I like Althouse’s explanation. If I was told nothing other than Obama lost in Wisconsin, I would put his odds to win re-election at around 2%. He can’t give up on us.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Obama’s gotta have Wisconsin because Virginia will be red. 2008 was an anomaly in Virginia. Plus Florida and North Carolina will be in play also. He cannot afford to lose any one of these states.

  4. an old political trick is to make a statement that is meant to divert the opposition. rumors and innuendos still work in all facets of life. just don’t get caught in the web of deceit.