Russ Feingold says the party is over

Written by my favorite Politico castmember Reid Epstein who is actually writing off MJS’s Craig Gilbert who is quoting from Feingold’s website Progressives United, Feingold declares:

…I have decided not to run for public office during 2012.

So there’s your fourth-hand news for the morning.

I think this declaration is the final reality for those still touting a recall of Governor Scott Walker. There is no longer a valid opponent.

Nothing to to see here. Move along.


  1. Oh well. The citizens of Egypt had to tolerate the authoritative ways of Hosni Mubarak for thirty years. Putting up with Walker for four is not going to kill us. 😉

  2. BrkfldDad says:

    @milton – Now that is one of the most ignorant comments ever posted.

  3. Dems are desperate because of their losses. They are saying stupid stuff.

    BTW, Bdad, have I mentioned lately how much I adore you? I will freak beyond reason if you turn out to be Jeff Speaker.

  4. Thanks for sharing, dad.

  5. Barrett hasn’t ruled out a run has he? If they do decide to recall and Feingold isn’t running he would seem to be the obvious choice. However, he has gone from leading Walker by 7% in May to only a 1% lead now (according to PPP) so I doubt that he would have great success if this trend continues.

    I was surprised to see that Feingold isn’t running because he was the obvious choice for the Democrats as their candidate. Currently, I don’t see them picking up the governorship in a recall with the current field of candidates.

  6. Quoting Daniel Bice from the MJS on August 11:

    “Nobody wants to be a three-time loser. Barrett is not running for governor again.”

  7. The Lorax says:

    Everyone’s making hay of this. Meanwhile, all of us who have been paying attention kinda saw it coming. We even talked about it here on FC not too long ago.

    I don’t think Barrett will run. His goose is cooked. He hasn’t been a standout leader as mayor of Milwaukee, or as a congressman. He’s not that compelling.

    And yet I love entertaining the thought of Dave Obey making a run for Guv – if only for the sake of political theater. He’s a firebrand, and what political junkie doesn’t like on of those? Same way I can’t help but like Chris Christie.

    I think Feingold is more apt to challenge Johnson in 6 years after he collects himself in the wake of divorce and defeat.

    Tammy Baldwin will be the nominee for Kohl’s seat. I cautiously predict that she will win. Jon Erpenbach will take her seat in the house. I don’t see Tommy Thompson will win his party’s nomination–I see the Club for Growth pushing an alternative candidate (think Pat Toomey in PA). Which makes me think about how I miss Arlen Specter and how we could have used him during the debt ceiling debacle. But he was kinda over the hill..

    I think the big mistake that the Barrett campaign made was in making the argument that Barrett brought jobs to Milwaukee. Milwaukeeans didn’t really feel it, and outstaters didn’t care. Voters wanted someone to protect them from the blunt of the economic downturn. Walker successfuly argued that he would have the balls to do whatever it took. Whether or not we think he did a good job of that is up to debate.

    So the goal of whomever emerges in a Walker recall will be twofold. It will be in arguing a more feel-good Welcome Back Kotter message to the voters, and to campaigning harder in areas like the Northshore, Wausua, Appleton, and Eau Claire. The best candidate would be someone from north of Madison or MKE.

    How’s that for some Sunday evening prognosticating?

  8. Do you really think Wisconsin unions will demand a Walker recall without a hint of a candidate to play?

  9. The Lorax says:

    There’s no candidate now. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be one. I would argue it isn’t the unions calling the shots, but the DPW is seriously out of whack and incompetent to the nth degree. I would know. Anyhow. I’m not in a union and I am one of many who will work towards a recall. But i know what you mean.

    I think a candidate may emerge.

  10. I’d think that Ron Kind will probably run for something in 2012. He’s the one Democrat I could actually see winning a statewide election with Obama at the top of the ticket.

  11. BrkfldDad says:

    Rest assured, not Speaker. Look for you Saturday night at the Red Hot Chili Pipers, too crowded, but what an awesome show!

  12. Aaaaack!

    Believe it or not, we missed them this year. Friday night we were at the Hirbernian hang out for Gaelic Storm, didn’t go Saturday, and had to pick up the honeymooners from the airport before the Sunday show.

    They are amazing.