Shaken and Stirred

This may be one of those ” I guess you had to be there” incidents. At about 1:50 pm this afternoon I was fixing lunch in my kitchen when the world began to shake, a little at first and then quite a bit. My first thought was maybe they were blasting at a constuction site about a block away. But I heard no explosion–only the incessant shaking that got worse as the hours (actually seconds) rolled by. That’s when I knew we were having an earthquake.

I was scared–real scared. Not because the world was shaking but because I live in a high-rise on the 12th floor-the top floor. Pictures on my walls didn’t fall but they did turn all sorts of angles. I couldn’t just run outside. I grabbed my cell phone and wallet and ran down 12 flights of stairs. The wide open spaces never looked so good. Within minutes everyone’s cell was useless because hundreds of thousands of people were trying to use them.

I subsequently found out the epicenter was at the little town of Mineral, about 40 miles NW of Richmond. That really didn’t matter to me because for a while the epicenter was in my stomach. As I said before, until your floor starts shaking and moving 12 stories up it’s probably one of those “had to be there” moments. Haven’t felt the reported aftershocks and just got back from buying bottled water for Hurricane Irene that’s headed up the coast.


  1. randy. many years ago i was in acupolco, Mx. in a high altitude area at the el mirador hotel and the hotel was moving rapidly. the hotel mgr. to us to go to the middle of the street so the bldg would not fall on us. next yr i went back and the entire area was rebuilt. that was then when acupolca was THE place to go. it makes you feel how mortal we are.

  2. Wow, Randy. That is quite frightening. Glad you are OK. Stay safe if Irene makes it your way, and keep us updated, please.

  3. Look at it this way, you could have been standing over a two footer on the 18th for the best round of your life…and then it hits? In my travels I’ve been in a bunch, including one in New Zealand some time ago that got my attention. Also a nice one here twenty five plus years ago.

    About two years ago, when getting quotes on my home owners I was asked if I wanted optional earthquake coverage. There had been a little incident in Missouri a few weeks before. I took a pass. Maybe next year I’ll give that some further consideration.

    I’m also glad you suffered no physical or property damage…take care!

  4. It appears you should consider battening down the hatches, sir.

  5. We’ll be battening down the hatches here in NYC. We’ve got a Category 2 hurricane coming less than a week after getting shaken up by the earthquake.

  6. I ship one back your way next Wednesday. 🙁 Get it over with by then, please.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    Since I entered this post we learned this quake was officially a 5.8, as compared to the 5.6 shake-up this weekend in Oklahoma. But there is other news to report in the aftermath of the August 23rd quake here.

    Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell (a 1 %er) applied to FEMA for disaster aid for the county of Louisa, where the epicenter of the quake was located and the damage was considerable. It was denied.

    On a recent bus tour President Obama visited our state and was welcomed by our Republican governor who requested, in private, that the aid application be reconsidered. Interestingly, our previous Democratic Governor Tim Kaine (a 1 %er) had to wash his hair or something that day and couldn’t be seen with the President. Yes, he is running here for the US Senate in 2012.

    Well, Friday it was announced that Obama (a 1 %er) had signed an order approving the FEMA request appeal for rural Louisa County. Thank you Mr. President.

    I would like to think our Governor was successful in his persuasive powers and maybe that helped, but I do not rule out the convincing power of 13 Electoral Votes in a swing state.