Please, God, send us another Ronald Reagan

We need him more than ever.


  1. J. Strupp says:

    Why because he tells a good joke?

    Besides, we’ve been running his playbook on and off for 30 years. Tax rich people less, financialize the economy via deregulation and drive up the national debt in the process, recession or not.

    If you want that guy, you’ve got a bunch of choices next year.

  2. If Reagan were to appear on the scene today, the TPers would discount him as just another RINO.

  3. No, I think you two are wrong. The Tea Party wouldn’t have to exist if Reagan principles were really being followed, and no one seems to get it exactly right. Reagan was much more of a moderate than anyone wants to admit. He was fiscally conservative, yes, but he did so without judgment and was always able to explain himself.

    And yes, because he could tell a joke. The timing and confidence necessary to pull that off translates well to politics.

    Reagan was my first presidential vote. I guess you never forget your first. 😉

  4. “Reagan was much more of a moderate than anyone wants to admit.”

    Thus the TP would label him a RINO.

  5. Ah, but the Tea Party wouldn’t have had to materialize! Remember? (And yes, I see your point.)

  6. On second thought, if Reagan were to appear on the scene today the T-Party would probably react just like everyone else. Scream “Zombie!” and run.

  7. J. Strupp says:

    I was led to believe that the Tea Party movement was brought about primarily by “excessive” spending by the U.S. government. Then as a matter of consistency, the Tea Party movement would have loathed President Reagan since debt/GDP exploded during the 80’s and set the stage for the upward trajectory in government debt since then:

    Reagan also increased the number of federal employees during his 8 years (by at least 100,000 workers):

    And after cutting taxes in 1981, he raised taxes (he called them closing loopholes) several times during his Presidency. I doubt very much that today’s Tea Party would allow such treasonous behavior.

    President Reagan was no fiscal conservative.

  8. JStrupp: Personally, I find it funny that a group called “Taxed Enough Already” emerges at a time where taxes are at their lowest point in the last 75 years!

  9. Fine you grumpy gusses. Reagan sucked. Barack Obama forever! Things have been so great there’s no reason to change.

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    Quality of life is more than numbers and labels. There’s an intangible attribute that some leaders exhibit which exudes confidence and inspiration. FDR, JFK, Clinton, and certainly Reagan each possessed and utilized this ability during their tenures. We know it when we see and feel it.

    Personally I have neither seen nor felt these qualities from a President in quite some time.

  11. J. Strupp says:

    On that we can agree 100% Randy.

  12. It is in our DNA to worship. One kind of person worships Obama and another kind worships Reagan.
    That kind of worship is misplaced but we do it anyway.

  13. no question he was a good man. but we had inflation and our mortgage was 12% interest. thanx to Nancy he made it through. even Lincoln, my hero, is still criticized. there are no clones. fact: you can abolish title 19, food stamps and all welfare for those who choose not to work. the government then either takes care of them or they live and die homeless. all in all BOTH political parties have done nothing to resolve poverty except to create new programs that failed. for me there is not answer as i am not in congress. i do not like freeloaders anymore than anyone else. at least FDR put the needy to work for the government and they did well. Hoover Dam as an example. the worse thing to do is nothing.

  14. Dick, I agree with most of what you say. I think that instead of spending $135 million on an art museum addition and $8 million more for gardens we could have maybe helped 50,000 inner city residents get some vocational retraining. Now that would have been money well invested. Good night Bonzo…he was just acting. Bravo!

  15. Think about this taxhell:

    Imagine how many inner city kids you could put through vocational training if we stopped building ships and aircraft designed to stop the Soviet Union from taking over the world (even though it’s 2011).

    The money we spend on gardens and art museums wouldn’t cover the price tag on a squadron of A-10’s.

  16. J. Strupp – I agree 100% that Reagan ran the defense spending juggernaut way past insane. Star wars was a pipe dream and is not much closer today than 30 years ago. Kinda be nice if we had a department of peace and understanding. Oh and corporations that didn’t prey on those who are weak and uninformed. Phillip Morris, Monsanto and the like…sheesh.

  17. Randy in Richmond says:

    Interesting that some want to use public funds to put inner city residents through ‘vocational’ training –but not college.

    And we already have a department of peace and understanding–it has divisions called the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Reserves.

  18. “I agree 100% that Reagan ran the defense spending juggernaut way past insane.”

    Heck, I was actually talking about today’s “defense” budget which is way past insane.

  19. Randy – I didn’t say use public funds. I intimated that instead of spending boat loads of money on wild looking art museums maybe we could use some of that private money as a seed to help grow the thousands of people out of poverty and despair. College degrees are great but a technical degree in making or fixing things is also a viable solution for the ills that plague our inner city.

  20. I was just reading some of Reagan’s speeches given throughout his career. What a man. I am happy to remember his term and the genuine optimism he inspired not just here in America but throughout the world.

    Maybe some day we will see another so gifted. He was truly our last great leader.