Wisconsin votes with their remote

WTMJ-4 won’t be airing the President’s speech Thursday on the main channel.

Not to rub it in President Barack Obama, but you are not the man in Wisconsin. You aren’t even the backup.

Every once in a while I feel a bit of relief about the November 2012 race. It will take a miracle for Obama to pull a win out of union wallets. I know it’s much too early to become complacent, but it surely feels better than the day he was sworn to office.

Much, much better.


  1. For readers in Tibet, the Obama speech isn’t being carried on WTMJ, because they have opted to carry the complete coverage of the Packer-Saints game, incluiding the pre-game activities. I do think it was a bit stupid to mess with the Packer game…actually a whole lot stupid! Hard to carry Wisconsin when a whole lot of folks live and die with the team. Think of the field day Gov. Perry would have, should it been the Cowboys!

  2. I’m fairly certain a news conference from Jesus would play second fiddle to a Packer game in this state 🙂

  3. 🙂