Prostituting 9/11/2001

I’m not watching TV. I’m not attending memorials. I am rather quiet this weekend. I am thinking. I am praying.

I will not give into the hype that is surrounding this anniversary. Nor will I pick off this scab.

America needs to move forward. Will it?


  1. Move forward? Not a chance. Most conservatives have hated only a very small percentage of Muslims to their face so far. There are plenty more to go.

  2. Exactly my feelings. I have a harsher term for the media behavior. ‘Prostituting’ is extensively kind of you.

  3. jimspice, that’s an incredibly stupid thing for you to say. I can only hope you are drunk off your ass and will apologize come Monday.

  4. You read the same conservative blogs I do. The exaggeration is not that great.

  5. Jim can you post a few links? I have not met or heard from a single conservative who fits your characterization.

  6. Jim, I am not surprised that you did not post any links even though you have been back to this site after I commented.