Your Brown Shirt Awaits

Remember back when the healthcare debate was in full swing and the Obama White House asked citizens to report to them on anyone spreading fishy information. Well, they’re at it again. This time citizens are being asked to report “unfounded attacks against the President “ to this website (click on the image):

This site is pure generic so we can report on pretty much anything and the brilliant White House staff will send us the “ real “ scoop. This is not new, however. The Communist Parties of the Soviet Union and East Germany utilized tactics such as these and even Richard Nixon had his “enemies list”. Personally I like the idea because it opens the door even wider for Americans to see the paranoia and insecurities of this President and his White House. When someone is inept at leadership this is an example of the type of management style that can be initiated in lieu of making the tough decisions.


  1. who are the real political experts in our country ? i say NONE. there are many theories and ideas but there are too many self acclaimed experts . every day i converse with people who have a better perspective than those who get the ink. this blog is a good example of a political party operated by low paid staffers and volunteers with supervision who create something out of nothing. do you really think the president and the other 8 candidates are going to listen to that stuff ? political candidates used to have a hands on policy and now it is hands off for the sake of time.

  2. West Germany?

    How is anyone harmed by the information presented at this website?

    What is it about this site that makes you so fearful?

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    West Germany was wrong. It has been corrected. Thanks.

    Fearful ? I’m not fearful and said nothing to imply that.

    Having the very administration that promotes socialism and class warfare explain itself to citizens is no different than when Pravda explained the merits of communism to the citizens of Russia. The purpose of the executive branch is to govern, not run a continuous political campaign attempting to explain and justify it’s many failed policies and actions.

    Defending these actions harms all who disagree with them. Just this week over 500 million more reasons surfaced that explain another failed action of the Obama administation. And the site states they “want to stop attacks against the President before they start”. I cannot think of a President, any President, who has not been questioned or attacked on their policies and/or actions. My question is, what is this administration afraid of to create a site such as this ?