Picking winners and losers

Well it was certainly a good weekend for the teams. I joked to my Texas-based in-laws that it’s always a more pleasant Monday when they have performed well. One thing I learned early on in my Wisconsin lessons was to never grocery or mall shop on the Monday following a bad game. (I also eventually learned that shopping during a game was great if you didn’t want company in the store or a clerk following you around.)

As humans we are programmed to like winners and avoid losers. I am amazed we struggle to let that translate to our politics.

You see, at the core, politics is about choosing winners and losers. If your side is winning, you are happy. If your side is losing, you are not. No longer do we choose the man for the water board with the wisdom of Solomon who will divvy up the precious resource fairly. Now that water man would expect to be wined and dined and basically bribed into the decision.

So, when Obama starts up on another round of “fair share”* speeches, what he’s really saying is “if I keep my side winning, then I’ll stay elected.” It has nothing to do with reducing the deficit. It has everything to do with him keeping the butler.

This weekend some jerk got all over social media (Twitter, Facebook to name two for those of you not into that kind of thing) and called a handful of us “hypocrites” for not talking about the FBI raid of someone’s house in Madison. They swear it proves Scott Walker is a crook.

I say there are several steps to proving Scott Walker is a crook, and we aren’t even close. If the FBI recovered evidence showing Walker is a crook, we’ll know about it eventually. It’s stupid to call me hypocritical for not speculating. After all, you usually call me hypocritical for speculating. (It makes me wonder if someone didn’t learn a new big word and just like hearing it said. Here’s a word: patience. Find some.)

But, and I’ll remind you quite bluntly, it is because they are losing that a group is screaming so loudly. They want Walker out because it was more fun to be the winners.

I will also remind you that although I’m very happy with my new Red State Wisconsin, not all of us hopped on the Walker bandwagon wearing blindfolds. Scott Walker is a politician. We have made it his only job to choose winners and losers. Of course the losers will complain.

What have you done in the last few weeks to help elect those politicians that will fairly assign winners and losers? No, me either. I should be brave and find someone who will come up with a flat tax to support – after all that would remove a good deal of the lobbying that goes on to define winners and losers, but right now I can’t even find someone to follow the local zoning laws as written. It’s remarkably exhausting work to try to keep up with the gyrations of any politician, so stop complaining when I don’t.

I don’t see the bulk of you doing more than clicking a mouse yourselves. Think about it. Winners and losers. How content are you to let someone else make that choice for you?

*Fair Share. You’ll be getting a post on that soon. Not too soon as I’m puppy sitting today, but soon.