Ted Kanavas is not entering the race

He says so in a release today. I say it’s a good call.

I do think it’s interesting that in short, Kanavas blames Thompson’s waffling for his decision not to run.

So, a good part of the right is waiting for a savior to rise from the streets on this one. Will it happen?


  1. Anonymous Politico says:

    I had heard that Eric Hovde was thinking about getting into the race. He is a “banker” who I believe worked for a hedge fund in chicago. I thought he was thinking about getting in as a Republican. He can self finance.

    David Blaska’s blog on Isthmus online today said:

    “A potential spoiler: I hear that Eric Hovde, son of the late Madison developer Don Hovde, is poised to declare for the Senate as well. Hovde is a well-heeled investment banker operating out of Chicago. He might go in as an independent.”


    If he runs as an independent, then I think it will be a significant disruption to Republican chances of taking this U.S. Senate seat.

  2. Right. Because Wisconsin really wants to elect an Illinois hedge fund manager to represent them in the Senate.

    (I am rolling my eyes here.)

  3. Anonymous Politico says:

    Obviously, there may be some initial issues with “image.” That is why I would suggest he do the following to help with that:

    1) Hire an out of state general consultant for his campaign.
    2) Hire an out of state campaign manager.
    3) Everyone on the campaign staff must not have ties to Wisconsin and must have ties to either Washington, D.C. or Chicago.
    4) Start a vicious, anonymous campaign blog that has access to 3rd party financed opposition research on your opponents.
    5) Do not go on the campaign trail. The people are angry. Do everything on radio, television, the website, twitter, and facebook.

    Those are just some of my suggestions. I am sure others have more.

  4. Oooh. No doubt you just laid out something in a side-handed manner that I was supposed to understand, but it went right over my head. If anyone wants to interpret, go for it.

  5. I laughed at the blogger’s (endorsement) ‘disclaimer’ of TT.

    I’m not likely to take that blogger’s innuendo and political suppositions seriously. Seems like planted info to me, not real. But then, I would never claim to be any kind of political-gamer insider. Just go by my own ‘smell’ test.

    And, I’m with you! Cindy. Clueless about AP’s intent. I don’t get what I’m supposed to ‘get’.

    It is Spit Your Coffee Out funny that any Conservative-minded voter ( or Independent for that matter) in Wisconsin would vote for a Chicago-based hedge fund guy. Really? Seriously?!! :D. I’m suspect of anyone who would legitimately plant such a ludicrous statement and hope I would believe it.

  6. I think AnonP was being sarcastic, but I’m too blurry-eyed today to tell for sure. Blaska, the original source of the outside-candidate Hovde’s news, is a very loyal Thompson former staffer, so I’d have to think the Thompson camp feels Hovde would be an advantage to them.

    Thompson is such a hoot. His camp put out this press statement:

    Former Governor Tommy G. Thompson today said he respected Ted Kanavas’ decision not to enter the race for US Senate, and he praised the former state senator for his leadership on a variety of issues including innovative solutions to invigorate Wisconsin’s economy.

    “Ted Kanavas has and will continue to be a strong, innovative leader whose successful ideas on job creation and economic development have helped our state grow and prosper. He has a remarkable record of public service and his contributions will continue to have a positive impact on our state’s business climate and quality of life,” Thompson said. “As a longtime friend, I respect Ted’s decision regarding the race for US Senate, and I know he remains committed to electing a Republican Senator next year that will bring the fight to Washington to restore fiscal sanity and create jobs. The GOP will benefit greatly by his continued involvement and insight into economic initiatives that can help America get back on track.”

    So, as a friend suggested, if I decide not to run, will Thompson thank me, too? (That’s a joke, just to be clear.)

  7. I’m still waiting for Thompson to explain what exactly he brings to the table as OUR Senator. Seems like he’s running on his own dusty coattails. My impression is Thompson sees this as his legacy position – like the Ivy League schools admitting the alum/big donor’s kids. He thinks he’s some kind of franchise player of the political ilk. Why reward his past perceived political largesse with a vote? We are finally getting rid of the ‘Statesman’ persona-type career pol; give me someone who wants to serve the constituency, with gusto. With true fiscal conservative solutions.
    Whereas Neumann actually has an agenda that serves the people of Wisconsin and the smarts and youth to go at the status quo spending mentality with vigor. I just don’t see that in Thompson. Perhaps the talk of his (TT)supposed youthfulness is an attempt to distract from reality?

  8. Yes, selling Tommy as youthful is going to be some fun, isn’t it?

  9. Anonymous Politico says:

    Me, sarcastic? Yes, me guilty. I’m going to go find some balance. 🙂