Stargazing and the best tip you’ll get all day

Stop what you are doing and call Cafe Soeurette in West Bend for reservations Saturday night. It’s one of their Tapas nights. We’ve been to two of them this summer. This is hug-your-plate, hug-your-waitress, hang-to-the-apron-of-the-chef kind of food. You will thank me.

Then, if the sky is clear, consider an evening of stargazing. Around my birthday I asked you all to help me find a night sky worth viewing. You really came through. I ended up using a Brkfld Dad comment combined with the information in the maps offered by jimspice to find a great roadside spot. I won’t publish it here, but if you really want a precise location let me know and I’ll email it to you.

Considering it’s a new moon you’ll have conditions much like those I did for my birthday present, albeit a bit colder. (Colder can be good for viewing the sky as the moisture in the atmosphere can blur the view in warmer temperatures, but we have so much moisture right now it might not be perfect.)

Did I find the Milky Way? Yes. It wasn’t as brilliant as some of those remote photographs you find on the web, but it was undeniably defined. It was also close to the Perseids meteor shower peak, so we saw several. It looks like if you go this weekend you are only a week away from the peak of Draconids, so look North.

And if you have the toys, I admit to downloading Dan H’s SkyView app and having some good fun.

Honestly, it was one of the best birthday presents in years and one of the best nights of the summer.