A tiny political refresher course

Republicans will have a primary prior to the general elections. Technically Democrats will too, although no one is expected to challenge Obama.

Therefore, when the LA Times opinion gods put out drivel like this:

They must at least appear sympathetic to the 14 million jobless Americans to have a chance against President Obama.

What that really mean is: we don’t know what we’re talking about.

Republican candidates will be playing to the Republican base until the winner is chosen later next year. The Republican base leans a little further to the right than the centered bell curve that elects the president in a general election.

(PS the quote Cain has for that piece is rockin’! Besides, it’s racist for them to be disrespectful to Cain.)

Have you seen that Cain is posting poll numbers close to Romney? That flat makes my day. I’ve often said I wouldn’t mind a Gingrich / Cain ticket, but now I think it’s time to consider a Cain / Gingrich run.

Cain’s intelligence and success combined with Gingrich’s intelligence and foreign policy could make for a knockout combination. And just think! The press can’t say a word about Cain without being racist.

I mean really. How dynamite would that be for America.


  1. Anonymous Politico says:

    I like Herman Cain, but I wonder why he won’t agree to audit the Federal Reserve. That’s pretty much the only thing holding me back from voting for him. Brilliant man in many respects, however.

    I guess we will also have to wait and see which presidential candidate will be allowed to kiss the ring of Sarah Palin. It would make for a nice reality TV series if all the Republican presidential candidates were interviewed over 8 weeks by Sarah Palin, and at the end of those 8 weeks, the remaining contestant is allowed to kiss her ring and receives the endorsement. We could call it “Sarah Palin’s Presidential Matchmaker.”

    The only question I have is – does this go on MTV, OWN, or the Hallmark Channel?

  2. AP – you have one heck of a marketing idea. Fox does it. Absolutely.

    You should be writing here. It would clear my desk for other non-necessary adventures.

  3. Anonymous Politico says:


    Sometimes I enjoy being a lowly backbencher. But everything has its own season.