Breathtaking Stupidity

Those Wall St protesters are pretty thoughtful folks.  They just have 13 itty bitty “demands”.  I don’t know why we don’t follow them… if we did, America would “create so many jobs it will be completely impossible to fill them without an open borders policy”. They even say so on their website.

Words fail.


  1. Looks like they have already acheived Demand Nine.

    Demand nine: Open borders migration. anyone can travel anywhere to work and live.

  2. Oh, wow. Fascinating stuff. I’d be impressed with such humor, but sadly, these guys (or at least their financial backers) are serious.

    Does it surprise anyone out there that the big public service unions are ready to join that march?

    Anger sells. They only win again if they keep enough people angry. I do think it’s going to backfire. People are tired, and eventually this crowd will be told to shut it. The Tea Party seems to have great timing, though, as I’ve not heard a peep out of them for a while.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    When Ryan made his post earlier and I went to the site he linked–I thought it was a joke based on the listed demands . I really did. The writing and diction is at about junior high school level. But the dead give-a-way are the closing two words on their “About” page:

    “Solidarity Forever”

  4. J. Strupp says:

    This group is just a bunch of goofballs. I don’t think that there’s anything else to add other than comic relief.

  5. “I thought it was a joke based on the listed demands ”

    You nailed it, Randy.