Get Ready for Company, Grandma Dunham

Here is Attorney General Eric Holder testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on May 3, 2011. The video is less than 20 seconds:

Recently published emails show that in July and October, 2010 Mr. Holder received documents relating specifically to “Operation Fast and Furious”.

There are 2 explanations for the answer Attorney General Eric Holder gave the congressional committee looking into the poorly conceived and carried out Fast and Furious gun-running scheme. One indicts Mr. Holder as a lier and the other as totally incompetent in the carrying out of his duties as the chief law enforcement official in the United States. There is no gray area to answering the question even though Mr. Holder is now attempting to back-pedal and do just that.

First he never should have been nominated for the cabinet position and beyond that the Senate should not have approved him. During the Clinton administration he recommended he was “neutral, leaning towards favorable,on the pardon of Marc Rich, a known fugitive from justice. This was warning bell number 1.

Then when providing answers to direct questions from congress considering his appointment, he “forgot” to mention Governor Rod Blagojvich had appointed him to a Commission to probe corruption in Illinois. He furthermore “forgot” to report he had contributed to a legal brief in Federal Court on behalf of Jose Padilla–an al Qaeda operative.

And remember not long ago when Mr. Holder appeared on many television news programs criticizing Arizona’s proposed immigration law ? Several days later he testified before Congress he had not even read the law.

Mr. Holder is in over his head. He should be fired or allowed to resign immediately. Given President Obama’s long record of throwing people under the bus I suspect Mr. Holder will eventually be shown the door, not for the incompetence he
has continually exhibited but because politically the President can’t afford the liability this story is sure to become in this election year.