Are you watching tonight’s debate?

Not me. I haven’t watched any of them, and I probably won’t. Ever. I don’t really want to know how a candidate performs during a debate. I’ll hear about it all the next day, anyway. Then I might go back to some video or other to determine if the gaff (you know there will be one) is really all that bad.

I really like my growing approach towards non-responsive politics. I find it amusing right now to sit back and watch it all happen. Consider, for instance…

Christie is supporting Romney. He endorsed today. Now that’s darn funny when you consider that Christie was to be the great Tea Party hope because Romney wasn’t. Which is really funny when you recall that in 2008 Romney was the great Tea Party hope because McCain wasn’t.

Now Herman Cain is rising as a Tea Party favorite because Texan Rick Perry failed to dazzle. I’ll be sad when Cain falls from grace. You know he will. No doubt Romney is planning that one as I type. In the end all we’ll have left is is a Republican fond of centralized healthcare. It’s a centrist’s game. Even if you don’t want to do so, if you are a Tea Party Republican you probably ought to find something about Romney you like. It would be a shame to watch the Tea Party kick and scream all the way to November 2012. (But then I’m wondering a bit if the Tea Party just likes to kick and scream. That’s probably best left for another post.)

Such fun! Let me know how tonight all turns out.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    To answer your question, no. Neither have I, nor will I watch any of the debates. Tonight I will be doing something else very important–bowling in my league.

  2. Actually, Romney wants Herman Cain to be strong. Perry raised 17 million dollars last quarter… he is the only one who is a real threat to Romney over the course of a long, dragged out primary. Cain raised 2 million and has few if any significant endorsements. Furthermore, he is not even campaigning right now… he’s on a book tour. But he siphons votes away from Perry.

    That’s why Romney has not attacked Cain at all and in fact lavished him with praise. Just a couple days ago on the campaign trail, Romney said: “Vote for either one of us and you’ll be happy” referring to he and Cain. He also said Cain is a “terrific guy” and that “The key thing is that both Herman and I spent our careers in the private sector and I think that’s one of the reasons both of us are doing pretty well in terms of public support.”

    The other interesting thing along the same lines is that towards the end of the debate, each candidate got to ask another candidate of their choosing a question. Newt, Huntsman, Perry, and Cain all asked challenging questions to Romney. When it came to Romney’s turn, he didn’t attack anyone… rather, he asked Bachmann a softball question.

    Same idea there… Bachmann’s campaign is floundering, but she still has some strength in Iowa and can also be a wedge to pull votes away from Perry.

    The dream scenario for Mitt (which actually is not all that unlikely) is that Iowa breaks something like 25% Romney, 20% Cain, 20% Perry, and 20% Bachmann. Then Mitt wins in a rout in NH and the race is essential over before it begins.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Sounds like Romney may be setting up for a Romney/Cain ticket if he is the nominee.

  4. I think Cain (and Bachmann) will be in a Romney administration, but I don’t think Romney will choose any of the folks running as VP.

    Romney named Christie, Rubio, and VA Gov Bob McDonald as people who came to the top of his mind as potential VPs a few months back. All 3 of those would be great choices for him, IMO.