No, you don’t have a right to drink that milk

The battle over consuming raw milk continues in Wisconsin. A Dane County Circuit Court judge, the Honorable Patrick J. Fiedler, has made the following proclamations:

Imagine a Dane County judge ruling, “no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to produce and consume the foods of their choice.”

Poor Dane County. First their liberals find a way to circumvent the evil corporations by milking their own cows, and then one of their own goes and tells them they don’t have a right to drink it. It’s got to be an interesting life in that county.


  1. Elizabeth Charland says:

    Another day, another activist judge legislating from the bench in Dane County. This is a shame. I wish, wish, wish we could drink raw milk here in Wisconsin. It is much healthier than ultrapasturized homogenized milk and people that are lactose intolerant usually can tolerate raw milk just fine.

  2. in a cursory reading it looks like one of the parties wanted the court to rule that there are certain fundamental rights, i.e., from the constitution and/or legal precedent. the judge ruled on that issue. as a lawyer for 53 years i know well enough not to comment further on case that has complex legal issues and has been fully researched.

  3. “Another day, another activist judge legislating from the bench”

    I thought activist judges acted in ways that are favorable towards liberals.

    “Does not compute, Will Robinson” – robot from Lost In Space

  4. to label a judge liberal or conservative does not always ring true. it is the duty of a judge to read the law, read the legal precedent and rule on the issues at hand. the problem sometimes is that statutes and laws are so badly written that there is a need to interpret their meaning. in the haste to pass a law legislators overlook the language so long as the result sounds good. the word “disparagment” is often used by lawyers and yet is not in the statutes. ( Wisconsin Statutes, index, words and phrases).