Zuccotti Park and Occupy Wall Street

I haven’t said much about the loonies demanding Wall Street’s implosion. I try very hard not to reward stupid.

That said, I’ve enjoyed reading between the lines of a couple of news stories over the past two days.

First, imagine those campers’ surprise when a jackhammer works the area all night long. Oh, I know someone doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but I do. It goes back to my favorite notion of using all the tools in the toolbox to achieve a political outcome.

Last night things got even more difficult. A construction team showed up just after dark. They put up bright lights, brought in a large earth mover, and fired up an extremely loud jack-hammer. The sound echoes off the nearby buildings, filling the square. It felt as if the whole place was vibrating to the jack-hammer.

The construction workers told me that they had a permit to work in the area for several weeks, all through the night. There was a steam pipe problem, they said.


Then this morning, I read:

Mayor Bloomberg appeared at the park Wednesday evening to inform protesters that cleaning crews will be dispatched there at the end of the week.

Bloomberg took some conservative heat earlier in the week by letting the protesters stay. Think about it. Of course they can stay. But the city has issued a permit for nighttime construction, and we need to do some cleaning.

I’m not the only one who sees writing on that wall. The protesters now say they won’t leave and will clean the park themselves.

The setup is complete. Bloomberg won’t take away their right to protest, but he’ll smack down anyone who interferes with his responsibility to keep a clean public park.

Hello Friday. Can’t wait to see what happens next.


  1. I predict mother nature will assist in clearing the park of protesters.


  2. One of things I find most interesting about the protesters is they use technology that is the direct result of innovation developed with funding from Wall Street and the investment banks they are protesting against. I’m willing to bet most of them believe all that technology was a gift from the tooth fairy!