A Challenge to Rush and Levin

I think conservative talk radio is generally a very good thing, but some of these guys seem to be losing their minds lately.  Call it Romney Derangement Syndrome. 

Rush and Levin in particular have been jabbering on ad nauseum insisting that Romney is not a conservative.  That’s pretty interesting considering 4 years ago, Limbaugh said that Romney “does embody all three legs of the conservative stool” and prior to Super Tuesday, Levin said that Romney was the only remaining candidate who “can honestly be said to share most, most of our conservative principles“.  (That last link is pretty interesting and has audio of every major conservative talk radio host endorsing Romney).  Now Rush and Levin devote the majority of every show trying to tear down Romney and prop up the new flavor of the month (Bachmann, Perry, Cain, etc.).  As it becomes more and more apparent that Romney is going to win, their derangement and denial only grows deeper.

So whatever… that is all well and good… all these hosts are entitled to their opinions.  If they want to flip-flop from the positions they took in 2008 and pretend it never happened, they certainly have the right to do that.

But I did see a really good post on the terrific race42012.com blog (which has a mix of supporters of just about every major candidate) calling out Rush and Levin.  The challenge to them is simple:  Since you say that none of the other candidates have done an adequate job of attacking Romney, why don’t YOU have Mitt on your program so YOU can grill him on Romneycare, etc.?

Rather than the endless huffing and bickering, let’s try a real, lively discussion for a change and see what comes of that.  A crazy notion, no?



  1. First, I love ya’ kid, but “derangement syndrome” is overused.

    Next, consider just how those two would pull in listeners for the next several months if the primary were already decided?

    Turn the fools off. That’s all it takes.

  2. Well written, Ryan.

  3. Good point on the ratings issue.

    Like I said, I generally like conservative talk radio. Dennis Prager and Dennis Miller terrific (which is sort of a strange thing to say because stylistically, they could not be more different). Hugh Hewitt is pretty good too. Rush has his moments. I generally don’t care for Levin and Hannity. But I’d much rather live in an area dominated by Levin Republicans than leftists.

  4. Liberty and Tyranny = Win

    I may be in danger of being a “Levin Republican”

  5. Elizabeth Charland says:

    Levin just addressed this topic on his show last night. He supported Romney when the choice was Romney vs. McCain. That’s not much of a choice for a die-hard conservative, but between the two, Romney is slightly more conservative IMHO. McCain isn’t in the current field, so Romney is sticking out as the least-conservative-one in the bunch. No, Huntsman doesn’t count. 🙂

  6. While watching the debate the other night I noticed that Gingrich, Paul and Perry were not wearing american flag lapel pins. Communist infiltrators?

    Where’s Joe McCarthy when you need him.