Top 5 Reasons Occupy Madison Fizzled

As noted in my last post, turnout for Occupy Madison has been surprising dismal, given the high turnout for the collective bargaining protests earlier this year. In the spirit of having some fun on a Friday, here are my top five reasons why most of the radial left in Madison has stayed home (in no particular order).

  1. No doctors on hand to write fake sick notes.
  2. SEIU wasn’t bussing in people from out of state this time.
  3. MoveOn.Org has been trying to associate themselves with Occupy Madison, and “they’re just too conservative.”
  4. They still have on their bedroom slippers and haven’t yet found their marchin’ boots.
  5. They are so committed to the cause that they couldn’t bring themselves to participate in capitalism and purchase poster board, markers and a professionally screen-printed “I Am the 99%” shirt.


  1. What is the difference between a terrorist with hostages and the Occupy Wall Street (Madison) movement? The Terrorist makes fewer demands.

    Guaranteed $20/Hr Regardless of employment
    Universal single payer healthcare system
    Free College Education
    Eliminate fossil fuel usage
    Government Spending of $1 Trillion dollars on infrastructure
    Government Spending of $1 Trillion dollars on ecological restoration plans
    Open borders
    across the board debt forgiveness for everyone
    outlaw all credit reporting agencies

    This list has been labeled as unofficial according to the website for the Occupy movement. They have some wise PR people trying to build credibility for the movement now that so many democratic law makers and big labor have piled on with them. It only takes ten minutes of looking through youtube videos of the occupiers to realize that the list of demands above really does represent what these communists want.

  2. Anonymous Politico says:

    I love lists.

    6. No free pizza. To have a successful and lasting protest, free food must abound.

    7. Madison is already occupied. How can the occupiers occupy what is already occupied by same?

    Ok, that’s what I got.