Occupy Milwaukee photos

Nick Schweitzer has a set of photos on Flickr that you shouldn’t miss. For the record, I’m impressed at the turnout. It looks like more than 15 people.

Beautiful shots, Nick. Thanks!



  1. Anonymous Politico says:

    Unless they’re offering unlimited hummus burgers and organic soy latte’s, I’m pretty sure this one will fizzle out.

  2. Hey! Falafel is pretty good. If they’re free, maybe I’ll show up. 🙂

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Will Rogers’ once said, “ I never met a man I didn’t like”. Well, I’m not sure I’ve ever met a liberal who doesn’t like a protest. And I fully support anyone’s right to lawfully protest whatever they so desire.

    That said, based on these photos I have very little common ground with the protesters in Milwaukee. Here is a list of the message(s) some of their signs display or convey:

    Pass Jobs Bill
    Free Trade = Corruption
    Che Guevara Flag
    Recall Scott Walker – Solidarity
    We Support Worker Rights
    Earth Flag ?
    Jail the Banksters
    Grannies against Greed
    Tax the Rich
    United Steel Workers
    Poison in your tap water (fluoride)
    And the generic “More problems with this country than a sign can explain”

    There’s one sign I can relate to:

    ……………Join a Credit Union

  4. i take it the 15 people remark was in reference to the tea party rallies inWI lately.

    Randy thats the only sign you can relate to?

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    Yes Jeff, because it addresses what I think is the core idea of the occupiers in NYC. If you don’t like something a corporation makes or does, don’t support it-change if you can. My sense in Milwaukee is that they are protesting a bank(s)–joining a credit union is a solution. I’m a practical man. Most all the rest is a smorgasbord of political and social bitching.

  6. Actually the core idea of the protestors is that Wall St and the banksters crashed the economy and were forced to take the severe punishment of record bonuses.

    I do agree that joining a credit union is a good thing, but being practical if you dont like what a corporation does many people dont have a choice. In my village we had a great local pharmacy and our right wing extreme village board got all excited when a CVS wanted to come touting “free market competition” . Well if anyone hates free market competition its Multi nationals so they bought out the local pharmacy. Our community now pays the price and we have no other options unless we drive miles.

    I personally can relate to them all especially the “free trade” one and supporting workers rights and pass the jobs bill.

  7. Jeff, I still argue if you step in the way of the “record bonuses” then you are just a breath away from managing every salary and become a planned economy. You don’t like that someone makes more than you do? Stuff it. Or better yet, move to Cuba. If this America isn’t working out for you, find someplace else to live.

    What chaps me is that 100 liberals can walk down a street and feel they are entitled to trash everything in their wake. It’s a very selfish mentality, and I promise, it isn’t going to serve you very well in the end. When your repeated b.s. takes someone like me who can tolerate a lot and turns me into one you just wants to block you because you’re you, well, let’s just say I’m probably not alone. Your not teaching tolerance. You are little more than a spoiled brat demanding to get your way.

  8. Some Ideas on those signs.

    Pass Jobs Bill: Obama must have known that this Jobs bill wouldn’t pass. It was just political gamesmanship. How many different ways is he going to try to push the class warfare and tax increase agenda?

    Free Trade = Corruption: This sign is just idiotic. Our government engages in unhealthy crony capitalism because of the way our tax structure is written. If there was a flat tax that eliminated the value in lobbying the 14,000 lobbyists in Washington would return no value. Nothing would benefit Tax Payers more than getting rid of crony capitalism. (Cough Solyndra)

    Che Guevara Flag:Resist we much…

    Recall Scott Walker – Solidarity: Thank God for Scott Walker. I support my many friends in Madison that work for the state, I’m against crony capitalism in the same way that I’m against labor unions getting politicians elected so they have unfair bargaining capability. This is just as bad as crony capitalism. Electioneering fail.

    We Support Worker Rights: No duh. Who wouldn’t support workers rights? I support workers rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I don’t support cradle to grave benefits for government workers that are not comparable to the private sector benefit packages.

    Earth Flag ? While it’s our God given responsibility to be good stewards of his creation, it’s really illogical to destroy our nations wealth to attempt to alter our countries impact on the environment in ways that may or may not make any difference at all.

    Jail the Banksters: On this I believe I represent the general opinion of the tea party when I say YES! Sort of. Greed and incompetence played a part in the destruction of our housing market. Guilt lays squarely with the Governments policy to boost home ownership. Starting in the 1990’s the social policy of our then president Bill Clinton and some uber liberal congressmen used the Community Reinvestment Act to force banks to provide lending to all demographics especially minorities. Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America. This whole program is directly connected to the Democratic Party. Ironic that they are trying to use the disaster that they created as a reason for people to hate republicans because they are the party affiliated with Greed. So stupid, but that’s enough on this sign…

    Grannies against Greed: Hey Grandma’s! Man can not serve both money and God so I feel ya! Here is the question though. I assume since you are old and smart you probably saved some money to retire on right? You are throwing in with anarchists that want to bring down the banks. Where will your retirement money go if the monetary system collapses?

    Tax the Rich: The rich are taxed. More than anyone. It really bothers me that in our country took the 16th amendment and is misapplying it with a progressive tax. It’s un-American. In fact it’s the 2nd plank of the communist manifesto… MARXISM AND COMMUNISM IS BAD!!
    Consider that if we had a flat Tax of 10% on income just for the purpose of an example. Taxpayer A. made $50,000 this year and would pay $5,000. Taxpayer B. made $23 Million dollars this year and would pay $2.3 Million. That’s fair… Taxpayer B. shouldn’t have to pay $5 Million just so Taxpayer A. can not only skip paying taxes but also get a credit back after paying nothing in. Grrrrr.
    Join a Credit Union: Credit Unions ROCK! I encourage everyone to join a credit union!!!

  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    CVS buying out the local pharmacy is capitalism.

  10. Joanne Brown says:

    Some responses to Cindy:
    “Jeff, I still argue if you step in the way of the “record bonuses” then you are just a breath away from managing every salary and become a planned economy. … If this America isn’t working out for you, find someplace else to live.”
    Wow, talk about reductio ad absurdum! Are there no conservatives who can argue without absolutes? Do you see NO middle ground? (It’s obvious that Republican representatives at both the state and federal level can’t see anything but their own way, but really!) There are ways to deal with record bonuses (and we are talking serious tens of millions of dollars here) without managing every salary, or even coming close to it. Me, I would go after those bonuses with some kind of immediate tax treatment, whether the payment of the bonus is in cash or stock, immediate or deferred. But there are other choices, I’m sure.

    “What chaps me is that 100 liberals can walk down a street and feel they are entitled to trash everything in their wake. ”
    Isn’t this exactly how so many Republicans feel about the environment which has to sustain us for this generation and beyond? Trash the water, develop oil sands regardless of the consequences (and regardless of where the oil will go), mine ore, even if it ruins streams, forests and wild rice marshes.

    Actually, the liberals DO pick up their trash. Don’t believe everything you hear on WTMJ or Faux News.

  11. Nah. Sorry Joanne, but you sound ridiculous, too.

    Sure, there’s a lot of common ground on those things I’ve articulated earlier this week. I will not give in on capitalism. The markets are painfully constrained already.

    Here’s the problem as I see it: You aren’t at all interested in compromise, either, since what you proclaim as compromise is really getting your way. If you want a communistic society, go for it. Put your rump on an airplane. (Be sure to pay Al Gore for your carbon credits!) What you don’t get is to move my America in that direction. No way will I compromise there.

    You are an idiot on your environmental stance. A lot of Republicans are green because green is good for the wallet. I’ve written just that a number of times. You, however, don’t have an argument without hanging tight to predisposed ideas of what constitutes a Republican or a Conservative. Your closed mind will cost you in the end.

    So, how long until we get photos of the MLK dedication with trash strewn from here to eternity? I must say you sound a teeny tiny bit defensive. WTMJ? *giggle*

  12. Wow Cindy, your losing it. You need a vacation I think. You also show why the republicans are losing the hardcore right wing fascist push has had most people saying “whoa”. Which I am sure you see and it upsets you to see. I like coming here because I think your the sanest of the right wing cheddarsphere so imagine how crazy its driving the rest!

    I dont want to regulate everyone salary either. Although I notice you dont have the same qualms about regulating public employees salaries at all. Planned economies for middle class workforce good, planned economy for richest 1% very bad. I think it takes alot of gall to take a trillion dollar bailout because they bankrupted their companies and crashed the economy and THEN pay out record bonuses to the very same people who did it.

    Whats funny is that the “tea party” and republicans kind of were against it also, until the kochs took complete control of the “tea party” and the dems joined in. We cant get agree on something like that now can we.

    what chaps me is 19 republicans get elected by slim margins in gerry mandered districts and then run to an ALEC convention of shadow Multi national corporations and come back and introduce legislation word for word as they were told. Then completely ignore any suggestions/amendments from the democrats at all. Because in 2010 they were voted in by approximately 30% of the population of Wi so the other 70% do not deserve a voice whatsoever in the governing process.

    What also chaps me is that A SC justice can choke a woman for disagreeing with him, a DOA official can attack a woman for the crime of having a balloon, an ex senator can go ballistic in the capitol on people for the crime of singing, the senate majority leader can issue arrest warrants for other duly elected officials(despite being told that it was not legal) AND send police to their door despite not having the authority to do so (in the year 2011) and yet one fool pours a beer on a douchebag and that is treated as the worst thing that could have happened.

  13. Randy, its not capitalism its Monopoly which is very anti capitalism.

    Cindy, maybe mead Althouse can go find a picture of a random cup on the ground somewhere and broadcast it to the world!

  14. Randy in Richmond says:

    No Jeff, it is not a monopoly. The owner of the original drugstore did not have to sell. Yes, he may have gone out of business eventually but that would be because your neighbors freely chose to change stores.

  15. Randy in Richmond says:

    Thanks for your completely impartial viewpoint. But you just mirror our President who offered another stimulus bill with a new name and announced, after Republican members stated there were parts of the bill they could live with, no–pass it now and pass it as is.


  16. Perfect liberal ending: insult the blogger. (That’s a really common thing to watch for when you’ve exhausted your intelligence on the matter.)

  17. It’s obvious that the “choking” incident has about as much legitimacy as the “spitting” on a Congressman lie.

    Can’t you libs come up with something credible for a change? Oops, I think just answered my own question.

    If the OWS protest were directed at our corrupt government, I’d join them.

  18. “corrupt government” – I had the same discussion with a woman from Italy in the last 24 hours.

    *shaking head* I can’t believe he brought up Bradley. Good grief!

  19. Cindy – where did I insult you?

    Randy – When a company has $2 Billion dollars they can pay far more than market value to run the competition out of business. Again Monopoly NOT Capitalism. I am not so sure he would have went out of business, hence the reason they bought him out.

    Sorry its been a while, I forget that you condone violence against women as long as she is liberal and makes you mad.

  20. Apparently there is no limit to the pathetic attempts of liberals to rewrite history. Ann Walsh Bradley was the aggressor. Read the reports filed by the people that were there. Bradley charged David prosser, got in his face, and the crazy old bat tried to remove prosser with a lie because the liberals couldn’t do it at the ballet box. Its amazing the depths people will sink to in an effort to get some validation of their lunacy.

  21. Jeff: “Wow Cindy, your (sic) losing it.”

    J. Strupp – we can both agree to revise the tax code and eliminate tax subsidies that are currently called deductions or credits. I have no problem with that. But no one will talk incremental steps.

  22. Cindy, I’ll second the notion that you’re generally the sanest of the righty bloggers around these here parts, but also that on this one you’re going overboard. The vast majority of us us lefties are not communists or socialists as you suggest, but good old capitalists who recognize that monied interests have an unfair advantage, take unfairly from the middle class because they can, and are WAY overrepresented in the governing process. We just want reasonable oversight and a seat at the table.

  23. So, if the moneyed interests are way over represented, how do you, as one who sticks to the left (heck, I can’t even use Democrat to describe most of you without someone screaming) explain the little details like legislation that allows banks to increase fees when you had majorities at the table for all three branches of national government?

    No one said you were communist or socialist. What was said is that these protesters are leaning communist/socialist and your dear leader as elected by your party and then the nation is publicly embracing them. If you don’t like it, you may have to step away from that leadership. What you don’t get to do is try to distance yourself from one without removing yourself from both.

    If you want reasonable oversight, then get it elected. You speak as we. Why haven’t you been able to get the job done? You had wonderful momentum.

  24. The (D)s, with few exceptions, are as far in the pockets of business interests as the (R)s are. And those that aren’t, soon find themselves out of office (gee, I wonder why). Feingold ring a bell? Whatever you may think of him, you can’t say he was bought off.

  25. You have got to be kidding. That man had a campaign account that made headlines year after year and you say he wasn’t bought off?

  26. J. Strupp says:

    Come on Jim.

  27. Sure, lobbyists may have plopped the cash down on the counter, but they didn’t walk out of the store with a senator in a bag. EVERY incumbent gets big time money; given the reelection rate, it’s the rational action on the part of contributors. But I’ll stick with my statement. Feingold’s voting record, particularly the 99-1 or 98-2 votes, and the legislation he drated/sponsored, demonstrate he voted his conscience.

  28. Listen, I was elected for a while. Those 99-1 votes or 98-2 votes mean nothing. It’s leadership who can effect change that matters, not the cheap trick vote where you win both ways.