A Challenge to Occupy Wall St.

 An honest question in regards to the Occupy Wall St/”I am the 99%” movement:

It seems pretty clear that a large part of the motiviating force behind the protests is hatred of the rich.  So here is my challenge… can anyone given an example of any time in history when a movement largely based in blaming a minority group (be it the rich, Jews, gays, or anyone else) for all of our troubles had a positive result?  In other words, are we really going to look back in 100 years and say “gosh, everything really improved once we finally got together and adequantely demonized that 1%”?

I don’t think it ever works like that.  When your modus operandi is hatred of a specific group of people, by definition, you will always wind up doing more evil than good.  History has proved that point for us beyond a shadow of a doubt (see also: Communism, Nazism)


  1. I’ve been digging through the treasure trove of emails, videos, and editorials of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. I made a connection that kind of bothers me..

    Sometime between 12-18 months ago, I stopped taking Glenn Beck seriously when he would float conspiracy theories on his program daily. I thought to myself… This guy thinks that there is going to be an attempt at a Marxist revolution in America? Then we read about the SEIU involvement in the protest. We see the occupy wall street movement greeting the Nazism and Communism speakers with open arms and marching with them. The movement that is anti-capitalism has $300,000 to fund the protest. Anonymous in collaboration with the Occupy Wall Street Movement plans a run on the banks for November 5th. George Soro’s through the Tide Foundation is printing a color document called the “Occupied Wall Street Journal. I would say the information is a must read to understand what they are trying to accomplish.

    I originally dismissed the Occupy Wall Street Movement as a much of College Kid Crybabies with a sense of entitlement.

    This really is a Marxist Revolution. I’ll be damned.

  2. Glenn Beck is super spooky that way.

  3. The French Revolution appears to qualify as an answer to your challenge.
    Not certain, but some might say that conquering the West and killing or relocating the Indian tribes might also be a valid answer.
    American Civil War? Some might also say that it all ended well for the victors and the nation.

  4. Anonymous Politico says:

    This “Occupy Wall Street” thing is very dangerous. The fact that the protesters are pointing fingers at Jews is very very very telling. There are forces at work around the world and in Washington, D.C. that are supporting and prompting these protests. If left unchecked, it will grow into something very dark and ugly and put our democracy at great risk. Let us not forget the lessons of Nazi Germany.

  5. Anonymous Politico says:

    This website is also a strong hint where things are going. When I saw the colors and the style of this website, I was quite alarmed.


  6. Ryan Morgan says:
  7. That was an important point.

  8. J. Strupp says:

    The lessons of Nazi Germany! I think Republicans always need something to scare the crap out of them. Communists, Socialists, Terrorists, imaginary people taking your guns away, invisible bond vigilanties and now a group of unorganized protesters. I pretty sure none of these groups are powerful enough in this country that they are going to knock on your door in the suburbs and kill you.

  9. Anonymous Politico says:

    To my dearest friend J. Strupp: I’ll point fingers at Republicans too for some of their policies, including the comfortable arrangement between big government and big business. For example, Medicare Part D, passed into law by a Republican Congress and signed into law by President Bush. Nothing more than a big kick back to big pharma. Not so good if you are truly a free market conservative.

    But, let’s get back to the issue of the lessons of Nazi Germany. This issue is beginning to get more coverage, and the roots of this “movement” and its anti-semitic nature is beginning to be exposed.

    Take a look:


    What puzzles me is how on earth these protestors are calling for the re-election of President Obama – and in turn – the White House and President Obama embraces this “movement.”

    Will President Obama condemn this language, especially at a time when his campaign is having trouble Jewish donors and support? (I refer you to the NY-9 race for more background.) They understand that Obama’s policy towards Israel is deeply troubling in light of his treatment of Israel in the so called “peace” process with the Palestinians.

    Have you ever known a mass demonstration of this nature to be supportive of the current government in power, in this case the Obama Administration?

    It’s perplexing that the man that voted for the Wall Street bailouts – and codified the bailout schemes in the financial regulation bill – is somehow being supported by these protesters?

    If you’re going to tell me that they’re protesting the Republican majority in the U.S. House, think again. The Wall Street bailouts were supported by BOTH parties. Shame on BOTH of them.

    J. Strupp, I think you know better. I’m not trying to make this into a Republican vs. Democrat issue/problem. But, please, open your eyes and get your head out the two party paradigm. It limits your ability to critically think.

  10. J. Strupp says:

    I’m not pointing fingers at anyone Anon. I’m just not going to equate a group of protestors that came together a week ago to a movement that ended up murdering tens of millions of people. If I was to guess, I’d say this kind of crap is emanating from the 24 hour news networks. People should take Cindy’s advice and turn it off. It’s going to make you go crazy.

    P.S. I actually supported the bailouts for the most part so that makes me at odds with everyone apparently. I would have done it via temporary bank nationalization (and then liquidation) but TARP wasn’t the worst thing in the world under the circumstances.

  11. “TARP wasn’t the worst thing in the world under the circumstances”

    I don’t think that makes you at odds with everyone. The 3 leading Republican candidates for president supported TARP. And so did Paul Ryan.

  12. J. Strupp says:

    Good point.

  13. As usual Cindy misses the core of the issue. The protests are aimed at the stock market and financial system that WE bailed out that continues to screw us at every turn. Additional fees for accessing your money in a bank or using your credit card to make purchases is the real root of the outrage. We throw money at them and they foreclose on us. They are referred to as banksters for a good reason – they rip you off given the opportunity. Too big too fail? No too big to exist.

  14. Aaaaack!

    1) Cindy hasn’t said much on this post until now, and

    2) I wonder who we have to thank for new banking fees?

    Tax Hell, you weren’t even close to properly engaged on this one. I’m guilty of the same thing occasionally, but darn, if you’re going to be wrong, you should try to be nice about it.

  15. First you have two short responses on this subject…about your average. Second we have the banks to thank for the new fees. They helped make the mess we are in and now we have to pay for it. Wells Fargo made 4 billion the last quarte. Third I am not wrong – you are. The misery index pretty much sums up why we are where we are. Go here for some insight: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/19/mistery-index-2011_n_1020765.html
    and here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/19/wells-fargo-debit-fee-que_n_1020464.html?ir=Business

  16. Nah, Tax Hell, you are circumventing the obvious miss you made when you failed to recognize it wasn’t my post.

    Ok, you aren’t wrong. Good luck with all of your rightness pulling you out of what appears to be your massive funk. Guess that misery index was made just for you.

  17. Randy in Richmond says:

    Tax Hell
    Actually the swipe fee adjustment added to Dodge/Frank by Sen. Dick Durbin applies only to debit cards–not credit cards. And if what you say is true then I’m confused about why there are protesters on Wall Street. The TARP funds that were distributed to financial institutions have essentially been repaid with some exceptions and most with interest. I am not defending TARP but if that’s what the protesters are upset over somebody should tell them our treasury was mostly repaid. And the debit card fees are a direct result of Durbin’s last minute add-on to Dodd/Frank.

    And thanks for mentioning the misery index, a holdover from the Jimmy Carter years. Seems it only comes up when we have a liberal Democrat in the White House.



  18. I KNEW when I clicked through to the link showing the supposed anti-semitism it was going to be THAT video. Yes. Yes, you caught us. He is the spokesman for 99% of us. We had a vote. He won. He was by far the most knowledgeable and well-spoken of all those that threw their hats in the ring. We all agree with him and support him wholeheartedly.

    On the topic, it always puzzled me how the right suddenly became the defender of all things Jewish. It eventually occurred to me that it’s not all things JEWISH — heck, right wing disdain of American Jews in business, Hollywood and academia is alive and well — it’s all things ISRAEL. It’s the ushering in of the end times thing, right?

  19. Randy in Richmond says:

    Again, if the teaparty has an event and there are 2 or 3 signs or statements that are out of order, we will remind you of this and similar statements when all teapartiers are so accused. It will happen.

  20. Anonymous Politico says:

    jimspice: I don’t think that the “right” is suddenly the defender of all things Jewish. I believe many conservatives, especially evangelicals, have always been supportive of Israel. I think you’re engaged in a bit of revisionist history here.

    I’m sure there have been people on the “right” that have said stupid things about matters of race or religion, but so has the left.

    You are right. Israel is part of God’s end-times plan. I’m glad you picked up on that.

  21. AP is right. That conservative Christians (especially those in America) have been the biggest non-Jewish supporters of Israel since the 1940s is not up for debate… it is a fact.

    I recommend “Standing with Israel” by David Brog for much more on this topic.