A ridiculous request

So, on what topic would you spend about six hours reading? Related to politics?

Yes, it’s silly. But I’m asking.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I have just read on a subject for at least that amount of time but it was for History Class–does that count? The topic was Puritanism in the early colonies (several sources).

    I doubt I would read that long on one topic in a short amount of time on my own.

  2. Puritanism? I never expected that answer!

  3. Not so sure this is politics, but I’d read about in-depth analysis of personality types that run for public office. I think they are a different breed–aside from being driven by ideals and service, I’d really like to know what makes someone think they are the ONE for a particular office. (I guess that’s why it is so interesting to read political biographies of presidents. ) But I’d like to read an analytical personality overview of those compelled to enter politics.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    But I had to read it. I’m ready for Pilgrim trivia.

  5. In grad school (poli sci – emphasis in state and local), classes averaged probably 8-10 hours a week of required reading, and full-time students would take 4, sometimes 5 classes at a time. And that didn’t include the reading necessary to prep for any classes if you were teaching, or reading for independent research/conferences/theses etc.. Needless to say, there was a lot of read-the-abstract/conclusion-skim-everything-else going on. And I ended up not using the degree except for my enlightened comments here.