I’m sort of falling for Herman Cain

A president who considers himself human would be fabulous, thank you very much.

Finding their way to the internet are a couple of videos I hope you enjoy. Sure, someone is going to be a jerk and take away all the fun with a mean comment, but I had to share. Just in case you are falling, too.


  1. Cindy… It sounds like you are considering getting on the Cain train. I saw him speak at RightOnline and I like his ideas and what he represents.

  2. He won’t survive, but I’ve been intrigued for a while. I’m also fascinated by Romney’s patience. Politics can be so interesting.

  3. Elizabeth Charland says:

    My husband is on the Cain train and we enjoyed watching the pizza song during breakfast!

  4. Ann Coulter just tweeted she loved the 9-9-9 plan. Guess she’s hopping on board, too.

  5. J. Strupp says: