Obama and the Occupy Wall Street movement

The political lines continue to be blurred. President Obama is trying to side more closely with the Occupy protesters. Why? He needs their rage to define his campaign. I find it interesting that they are, for all practical purposes, angry at Obama for his failures, but yet are allowing him to own their efforts. How many days do you predict it will take until protester leadership stands up and says so?

Obama took in millions from Wall Street to fund his campaign.

Obama put forth the bailouts the group is so quick to criticize.

Obama has failed to create employment opportunities during his tenure.

Obama usurped student loans by making them entirely a government program. And, even if you file bankruptcy, you can’t have those loans cleared.

While the protesters are quick to label capitalism the enemy, their real enemy is trying to take credit for their efforts. He offers them nothing in exchange.

The Occupy movement will fizzle for the same reason the Tea Party is dying out – no real leadership. They will soon be a branch of Organizing for America, Obama’s re-election campaign.

(By the way, for all that the left wants to blame the Tea Party, has it dawned on anyone the Tea Party really doesn’t exist?)



  1. Factual inaccuracy: President Bush put forward the bailout, not President Obama.

  2. They were in it together. Obama asked for the second half prior to his inauguration. He gets to own it, too.

  3. J. Strupp says:

    “While the protesters are quick to label capitalism the enemy, their real enemy is trying to take credit for their efforts.”

    Yes indeedy. The proof is in the pudding. Obama has done nothing to re-install the regulations on the financial sector put forth by Roosevelt and dismantled by his predecessors. The TBTF banks have become larger and more TBTF than before the crisis. Obama has done nothing to reverse the destructive tax polices of the past 3 decades.

    The fact that this guy thinks he should have any political capital with this group of people is disgraceful.

  4. Obama is not particular from where he obtains political capital. It can come from young students and adults with no skin in the game, independents who vegetate in front of the tv between presidential elections, plantation voters from the inner cities, or currently the Occubaggers. The common thread is exploiting ignorance in his favor.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    President Obama is coming to town today. That in itself is news but the peripheries concerning the visit are much more interesting. Wouldn’t you think a recent, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, would relish a standing President visiting his state. Especially when that former governor is running for a seat in the US Senate in 2012. Tim Kaine will not be with the President–it is rumored he has to wash his hair. Also the President’s visit here in our state capital is not a public event–it is being held in the highly conservative Chesterfield County, outside the city. I suspect this is not an accident–it is a location where the Democrats have nothing to lose.

    Me, I’ve got to wash my hair.