Occupy Wall Street circa 1979

I wouldn’t mind at all if it ended the same. Carter took quite the tumble.

Funny that they were against nuclear energy then. Obama’s all about nuclear energy you know. It’s really clean. Not like that awful coal. (Sorry. Dripping sarcasm seems to be a Monday thing.)

This video came from a couple of twitter feeds and this link. Thank goodness someone out there is a better student of history than I.

Oh, while we’re at it, I’ll mention some of us have seen this all before. Like 1980. I can promise you it wasn’t any easier to graduate college then. I did get a kick out of Business Insider as they offered:

Let’s start with the obvious: Unemployment. Three years after the financial crisis, the unemployment rate is still at the highest level since the Great Depression (except for a brief blip in the early 1980s)

So, ignore the obvious, because, you know. It’s obvious.