Biden to fund raise at Discovery World next Wednesday

I sure am glad this family let their Discovery World membership lapse. Maybe Waukesha, Ozaukee, and Washington county Republicans should reconsider their own memberships to the museum.

Anyway, Biden with be there at 2:30 p.m. for $250 a person. You can have a photo made with the Veep for $1,000.

Joe Biden, prostitute. (Well? If the title fits…)

Anyway, I think it would be a lot of fun to be a fly on the wall and see who plops down real money for a photo with Joe Biden. Heck I might even pay the $250 just to watch.

And that, folks, was your morning giggle.


  1. You must be having a real bad day. As you know the Discovery World rents space, even to Republicans! Last time I was there was to see that left wing radical Jacques Pepin. And that is your giggle for the afternoon 🙂

  2. Did he charge you $1,000 for a photo as he ran for office? (Besides, you know me well enough to know I never laugh about food.)

  3. some athletes charge more for the same.

    CIB. Crime, Immigration, Security. These most important issues are not being addressed by any politician for federal or state office. Crime is an ongoing cancer in our society. prison cost goes up and police are under equipped in every respect. Immigration is over over the place and the federal government has a hands off attitude while local officials have a hands tied issue. Security is nowhere to be found. there are no troops on our local ground and Homeland Security is a paper chase.

  4. I happen to like the folks at Discovery World. I’ve been to a few events there. Fine with me if Biden hangs out there for his political gig.

    I wouldn’t pay to have my picture taken with Joe, but I might consider paying just to hear the VP’s running commentary. You just never know what he will say. Yup. Could be quite entertaining.

  5. Hmm. I guess that means I’m the only one who thinks he should’ve headed to the Pfister.

  6. I thought boycotts of businesses based upon politics of the business owners were frowned upon by righties.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    You’re right about the athletes charging for autographs, but they weren’t elected to anything nor were they paid by taxpayer monies.

  8. I think it naive of the organization to rent space to national political groups given their need to maintain fundraising in Southeast Wisconsin. The city can’t survive without the inflow of money from the suburban ring, and that’s a fact.

    I’m not sure where you came up with the idea that the right is against a good boycott now and then. What we do is rally to support a business you are boycotting. That doesn’t mean the tool can’t work both ways.

  9. I think its naive to condemn DW for not snubbing the Vice President of the United States. They rent out for the event, get a lot of attention, and maybe some publicity while they’re at it. I imagine you’ll be one of the only people to spin this in a negative light.

    Last thing DW needs is for “us” in the outer suburbs to protest DW for letting the person who is their Vice President – like it or not – rent out space just like they would for any other person.

  10. correct. athletes are not elected. but the taxpayers do in some places pay for their game sites.

  11. Oh good grief. I’m not naive. I have an opinion that they shouldn’t do it. You have a different opinion.

  12. i remember when Gov. George Wallace spoke at the Milwaukee Auditorium to a full house. segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever, he said.