Why wouldn’t they protest?

They’re sleeping without paying rent. They are obviously eating well. Some of them may even be getting paid.

Not bad work if you can get it.

I’m going to keep saying this until my face turns blue (or you all leave comments saying how clever I am, but I’m betting on a blue face first): The hate must be fed in this country in order for Democrats to survive the current electoral reality.

Someone is paying – whether it’s providing food or literally paying – to keep this protest in the news worldwide. Someone makes money off all the anxiety that’s being created. Someone achieves a goal if you are afraid because protests are conveyed as more populated than real counts show. Someone wins if they argue protests worldwide are part of their effort when they are not.

Be careful you aren’t supporting that someone. Really pick through the news. Spin everything you see in the news around to be sure you have an accurate view of all sides of the issue. Or better yet, just turn off the television and toss the paper to the recycling bin until they go back to giving the world real news.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Something near and dear to many of the protesters will soon cause some of them to move on. It’s called climate change.

  2. Oooh. Good point!

  3. “Really pick through the news. Spin everything you see in the news around to be sure you have an accurate view of all sides of the issue. ”

    I couldn’t agree more. A good place to start would be with this article:



  4. Fine. Critique the article for us.

  5. Cindy, I think you’re as skeptical of the article as I am. If you were confident in the claim being made: “liberal organizer told the Daily Caller on Thursday afternoon that he paid some” I believe you would have phrased things a bit differently. “Some of them [may] even be getting paid” suggests to me you’re not fully convinced that they [are] getting paid.

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    Here’s a different take on the 1 percenters.

    GE’s profit in 2010 was $14.4 billion. CEO, Jeffrey Immelt’s total compensation was $8 million…

    McDonald’s profit in 2010 was $4.95 billion
    It’s CEO, Jim Skinner’s total compensation was $17.6 million…

    In both cases much of the income was from performance bonuses.

    Therefore Immelt, a 1 percenter, made 0.56 % of GE’s profits.

    And Skinner, a 1 percenter, made 0.35 % 0f McDonald’s profit.

    Now let’s look at Matt Damon. He, as well as other top tier actors, earn $20-30 million per film. Top films gross upwards to $300 million and with DVD’s etc. let’s say total gross of $1 billion. A profit of 50 % nets the movie $500 million and Damon’s cut is about 5%, at least ten times the rate for the CEO’s whose pay is performance based–and the target of the protesters.

    Also Susan Sarandon. She had a role in Wall Street 2 for which she was paid $7.5 million. The movie profit worldwide was $83 million. That means Sarandon was paid 9% of the films profit or about 20 times the rate of the 1 percenters being protested.

    And sometimes these actors will make more than one movie in a year.



  7. Well, that’s pretty strong evidence, Cindy. I guess you were right.

  8. J. Strupp says:

    Matt Damon is not employing tens of thousands of people directly. And Jeff Immelt’s performance as GE CEO (GE Capital more specifically) almost bankrupted the entire company 3 years ago. What did he get paid back then? What did he, Jamie Dimon, Dick Fuld, Lloyd Blankfein and rest of these cronies get paid when Uncle Sam saved their companies and careers (and maybe even their lives had things really fallen apart)?

    In less civilized times these guys would have strung up outside their offices and left for the crows.

  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    You miss my point. This is about the protesters use of the 1 %’ers designation. It has nothing to do with GE or McDonalds or Immelt or how good a job they’ve done. I think you know I’m no fan of any of these people’s politics. People like Damon and Sarandon (99% er wanta be’s) have hitched their wagons to this movement yet they are paid at rates that dwarf what the CEO’s–the targets of the protesters–earn. How funny, sad, and ironic at the same time. The protesters don’t have a clue.