Early Christmas Shopping Ideas For Liberals

After being alerted by the Drudge Report to a “Made in the USA” coffee mug featuring an imprint of Barack Obama’s birth certificate available for purchase on his campaign website, I began wondering what other politically-inspired gifts were available out there for my liberal friends. (I live in Madison—if I didn’t have liberal friends I would be quite lonely.)

How about this Joe Biden beer koozie? Er, I mean “can holder.” Given the ramblings, rantings, and foot-in-mouth moments that come from our Vice President, it seems perfectly logical to put your can of Bud Light in a holder with his mug on it.

Finally, if your friend is looking to support a cause a little closer to home, how about a Recall Walker t-shirt from the United Wisconsin PAC? The union printed option is $10 and the union made and union printed option is $16. Yes, the union made option costs $6 more. What an excellent illustration of why union factory shops are fleeing the USA and heading for China and Mexico—their products cost more when produced under a American union contract.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I’ll be buying my Liberal Friends Copies of Atlas Shrugged for Christmas.

  2. Has anyone ever seen Obama and Santa Claus in the same room?