PPP does it again

I swear, my world is going upside down. For two days now I read stuff from them that didn’t make me want to smirk. Today they mention that Scott Walker recall that’s planned may not be a good idea.

Ya’ think?

At least the PPP left me with this chuckle:

None of that is necessarily to say Democrats shouldn’t try to recall Walker. Six months from now his approval numbers might be right back in the low 40s and voters might be eager to recall him. But where things stand today the prospects for a Walker recall look much more dim than they did in the late spring and early summer.

One final note on the poll- by a 46-43 margin voters wish Democrats had control of the State Senate, just another data point about how closely divided the state is right now.

I wish Santa Clause was real.


  1. Well, I’m a bit relieved reading that we’re still closely divided. I thought Scott’s days were numbered after I read that wisdems polled a bunch of themselves and came up with this.


  2. PPP to DPW – “Go ahead; burn even more money.” Things are not as “rosy” for the Dems as PPP makes it seem (unless, of course, you really believe the Dems have a 6-point advantage over Pubbies and a 5-point advantage over independents).

  3. True. But still – it was two days in a row without making me want to hurl. 🙂