More Occupy Wall Street pouting

I super duper love these kinds of stories. And these goofballs still don’t have a clue why socialism just doesn’t work.

It’s been an amusing morning. Happy Thursday to you, too!


  1. i would not called one protester a goofball. the Iraq war vet whose skull was fractured. not everyone can reach the high subruban standards.

  2. Yes indeed, Mr Steinberg. Here’s the disturbing video. Sure to please OWS haters everywhere:

  3. the marine hero story is sad. name calling has become a simple way of tossing aside people that are not the same. those who fought in the alamo were not the same. those who fought in france were not the same. those who fought in WWII were not the same and so on. the military is the most diversified GOVERNMENT insititution in the USA. each person has their own cross to bear. the 1st amendment is a treasure of our freedom. of course, the police have a duty to keep the peace and we do not have the entire story. i do not know how much harm had been done by the protesters but they still are not criminals or terrorists. the whole world is upset about the economic conditions. we are educated enough to use the english language with style and grace, including wit. nothing personal cause i hear crass language all the time.

  4. Here’s another, perhaps even more disturbing video. Watch as a cop throws a canister into a group of people who had rushed to the aid of the injured protester.–and_a_history_making_mayor.html

  5. Oooh. Bad cop. That’s kind of been your mantra for what? 40 years?

  6. cops are people, not bad by nature, but are entrusted to follow orders. i just saw the friend of the dying marine hero who gave an intelligent interview, did not blame the police, and said he fought for his rights under the 1st amendment. in our history, the real boston tea protesters, the real alamo border fighters, the real civil war vets for one nation, the real WWI guys for helping our allies, the real WWII vets, from both german and japanese ancestory, the real guys and gals who have no choice in their future lives, all of whom gave their all for our individual rights that are taken for granted. cindy and friends, is it so un-american to have a different opinion on anything ? we have been around too long to flub a demonstration that was not a big surprise. even sinners can be saved, many believe. there is good in everyone, many believe. look for more “goofballs” around the world who want a fair deal. they are not “commies”. “terrorists”, “left or right wingers”, “druggies” or !!!!!!!. they are fellow americans who wish to express their ideals with their voice instead of the MONEY they lack. read a little history and learn what Lincoln was called.

  7. the WWII government ads said:

    “Uncle Sam needs you”.

  8. This is getting so Orwellian. Working 18 hour days cooking for the protesters and getting tired of it.

    Sorry about the Marine who was in a croud of protesters throwing bottles, rocks and shooting paintballs at the police telling them to leave. There’s a lesson in his experience…

  9. what was your MOS ?

  10. “they are fellow americans who wish to express their ideals with their voice instead of the MONEY they lack” – Mr. Steinberg

    That’s beautiful, man! 🙂