Remember when Democrats in this state kept screaming “Prove the voter fraud?”



  1. That’s not proof. Prosecution of voter fraud is proof.

  2. Oh, give them a couple of years. And actually, they’ll probably cut a deal so you may never get the proof you demand.

    It’s good enough for me that several liberals have gone a little bonkers over my suggesting – gasp! – that your goose is cooked on this one. I’ve had a comment along the same lines on Twitter.

  3. milton. conviction is proof, not prosecution.

  4. Thanks for the correction, Dick.

  5. “It’s good enough for me that several liberals have gone a little bonkers over my suggesting”

    Seems to me you’re suggesting that the truth is irrelevant.

  6. Hey milton, I’m not the one denying voter fraud.

    Could correction Dick. Thanks. (Although I’ll contend there are some convictions that get it wrong.) So, I guess it’s good enough for now that the facts of the voting fraud situation are being dribbled out and folks can decide on their own. The concern of many conservatives over the integrity of the voting process is justified. But then you already knew I thought that way, huh?

    Why someone would continue to suggest fraud is not a problem is lost on me.

  7. both fraud and voter suppression are problems. methinks fraud as an individual act
    is just that, an individual act. methinks voter suppression is a government and political issue, e.i., womans right to vote. the irony is that we go to other countries and teach them how we vote. as always, cindy brings out provocative subjects that many avoid.

  8. The reason I do not think this is a “problem” is that it’s not widespread, and does not justify spending millions to correct. The current system works to identify and prosecute transgressions, as seems to be the case here.

    On a side note, why do Wisconsin Reporter, Franklin Center and other groups of their ilk on BOTH sides insist on calling themselves non-partisan when it is obviously not the case?