Chris Liebenthal gets a “FALSE” on the Truth-O-Meter

Let me preface this by saying how kind of incredible it is that someone reads the blogs at all. 🙂

Chris Liebenthal who we all know as Capper writes a bunch of places, including his own at Cognitive Dissidence. Here’s his “FALSE” rating for all that was said.

Oh, and somebody named Man MKE got caught, too. Of course, Man MKE could well be Liebenthal.

So, that’s that. Gosh. He’ll get hundreds of hits today. I hope each one reminds him that accuracy counts. Some of his ideas used to be so admirable, but now it feels like all we get is the rhetoric of the people who now own him.

P.S. That voting for raises for elected is dicey business. I dealt with that once or twice on the Brookfield Common Council. It always brings to mind the argument as to paying to attract good people vs. paying like crap and letting only the rich people who have the free time play. Still a good argument to have now and then.


  1. Who “owns” capper and how can I get a piece?