The heads of Easter Island are bodies.

Not kidding. I know. I should be writing about politics, but this is so much better!

How many times have you seen a picture like this?

Ta da!

Read more about the project.


  1. Ok, I tried to find the answer, but couldn’t. Were the hinders buried intentionally by the ‘natives’, or were they covered over a long period of time, like with washed down dirt and such?

  2. I think they should start digging at Mt. Rushmore.

  3. BrkfldDad says:

    This is way too cool. I am always amazed by ancient sculpture. To see the bodies is just plain exciting.

    Jimspice – they already started digging at Mt Rushmore –

  4. Kate – from what I read they don’t know for sure. Dirt, volcanoes, it’s an interesting problem to solve.

    I was just visiting with the spouse about how we’ve always heard “these heads were so big ancient man could not possibly have moved them” and now we are looking at 3 or 4 times that mass.

    Wow. Just wow.

  5. Always wanted to go there. I find it fascinating what the “ancients” were able to achieve.

  6. Silly girl. The aliens helped them! 😉

  7. *hanging head in shame* I fergot. 😕

    Hey…I’m old….I have an excuse! Heh.

  8. Sometimes I long for aliens to be confirmed. It sure would explain a lot about my own offspring.

  9. I think they built them on top of the soil and one day Pele’s Mom made the earth shake and the statues sank up to their necks. Taking this as an ominous sign the natives packed up their rock carving tools and headed East.

  10. There is no doubt in my mind….Brat is definitely an alien!

  11. Human ingenuity is quite amazing. This reminds me a bit of the Nazca Lines. They are so massive, they can be seen only from the sky, but they are highly accurate. The current thinking is that they are a religious symbol (a tribute to the gods).

    On the other hand, much of what we produce today is technology astounding, but unfortunately isn’t so durable. If a future civilization 2000 years from now uncovers an old iPhone or computer (miraculously preserved), would they even have a clue as to how complex and advanced it was, or will they just think it’s a hunk of metal and plastic?

  12. JRE sent me. is this like th gold record we attached to th space probe? does our ignorance & denial obscure th obvious answer, they had help?

    music’s a gift -enjoy!