Cain Camp Says Team Perry Leaked Sexual Harassment Story

It turns out that Rick Perry hired a consultant who also worked on Herman Cain’s 2004 Senate campaign.  And then, less than 1 week later, the sexual harassment story breaks.  Read the rest of the story at Forbes.


  1. Well that explains this:

    Too bad they couldn’t leak facts instead of innuendo.

  2. Hah! “His client asked him to stop giving interviews. In the past 24 hours, he said, he had appeared on NBC, CBS, NYT and NPR.”

    Yet the prostituting attorney sees no problem with continuing to provide interviews. That is a great story by Forbes. Thanks for the link, Ryan.

  3. before a candidate announces for an important public office he/she has to be willing to accept the worse beating of their life, true or false. if caught tell the truth which is better than a rumor. people understand that nobody is perfect.

  4. Well… anytime I can beat Drudge to linking to the story, I must be doing okay 🙂

  5. If voters do leave Cain, I think they are more likely to go to Newt than to Perry. At least I hope so.

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    This will backfire on Perry unless something new emerges.

  7. “His client asked him to stop giving interviews. In the past 24 hours, he said, he had appeared on NBC, CBS, NYT and NPR.”

    Did his client make that request before or after the interviews? Reason seems to dictate the latter.

  8. I agree that it is possible that Gingrich will get a boost out of this, mainly due to the fact that he is the next uninvolved candidate in line who isn’t Romney.

    However the previous candidates with approval bubbles, Bachmann, Perry and Cain (assuming that this sticks) all had the common factor that they were relatively unknown at the national level before their increase in support. Everyone knows who Gingrich is and knows about his past for better or for worse. In addition to this, he hasn’t run uniformly to the Right of Romney in the election. His earlier attack on the Ryan Plan will make those who are enthusiastic about entitlement reform reluctant to jump on his bandwagon. Assuming that a strong link can be drawn to the Perry camp. I see the result of this being disastrous for him. However, Cain’s response will gain him very little additional support. Although it may solidify what support he has as they rally around him. Uninvolved conservative candidates like Gingrich, Bachmann and Santorum will likely see a bump from this but I don’t see any of them rising to the top of the fray.

    If the leak had been traced to the Romney campaign instead of the Perry campaign, this would have been a major game-changer. As it stands, I see little change in the overall ranking of the candidates.

  9. The Lorax says:

    Newt will rise. He’s the only stooge left unscathed. Though he has plenty of his own skeletons!

  10. So nicely summarized, MuskieGo. Thanks.

  11. I’m a little confused Cindy. I have heard of doctor-patient confidentiality, and pastor-parishioner confidentiality. I know you can’t make spouses testify against each other in court.

    I was unaware of Candidate-Consultant confidentiality. If he didn’t sign an NDA, then what’s wrong with this? If the consultant did sign an NDA, then Cain should sue him for breech of contract.

  12. Anonpolito says:

    Well, now we know that the race for 2nd place is between Rick Perry and Herman Cain.

  13. Isn’t it implied in the fiduciary responsibility?

  14. You can say that it is implied… and perhaps it is. But that is simply a good reason for nobody to hire that consultant again after he breached that responsibility. However, it is not a legal requirement. Moreover, NONE of that changes whether what he said is true.

    I find this whole thing to be rather strange. Everyone is complaining about HOW the news came to be known… but its simply a deflection to keep people talking about what is being said.

    Whether it was leaked by the Perry campaign or not… it doesn’t change the information. You can argue that the harassment wasn’t as bad as is being made out, or that we shouldn’t care. But that separate from the way it came to be known.

    Hell, Bill Clinton harassed tons of women, and was still elected President and was very popular. It even got him lots of action while he was in the White House.

  15. I think we may be talking about two separate things.

    If I see correctly, the woman asked that her attorney stop talking to media. That’s more than an implied responsibility.

    The story in general is about the consultant perhaps leaked the story. That’s just politics-causes-hinder-binders kind of news.

    How they know is indeed a deflection and somewhat well run, but not soon enough. What was said – that’s where it gets interesting. If someone really gave a flip they could line up all the Politico stories and see where the story jumps around conveniently here and there. And it did, but I’m to lazy to prove it and really there wouldn’t be any payback.

    What I can’t make happen, either, is for the magic ball to show everyone what really happened. Does another candidate bite the dust? Can’t say right now. But, I also won’t argue it’s much worth my time.

  16. I say it’s time they put this silliness behind them and get on with the campaign. Sexual harassment, who really cares.

  17. Good example of why I can’t stand you, Milton.

  18. I’m just paraphrasing Block.

    “Block said he wants to get over the “silliness” and get on with the campaign.

    “We want to move on with the campaign. Let’s get over these things that don’t mean anything to the American public,” he said.”

  19. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’ll tell you one person that wishes this had not happened. That would be former President William Jefferson Clinton (a 1 %er ). Even as he has been worked into this post so will he be brought up in blogs, conversations, TV programs, radio talk-shows, newspapers, etc.
    And it’s not a subject he would prefer people be discussing about him. I also suspect Hillary Clinton (a 1 %er ) would feel the same way–but maybe for different reasons.

  20. who cares who leaked what? there are quiet rumors, public rumors, vindictive rumors, rumor rumors and rumors based on rumors. a good solid person who seeks to be president can handle it with style. few have been able to do that. we settle for a little class instead. the worse one i ever heard is did you hear that Geo Washington had wooden teeth. who cares. he financed the war and saved our country. Grant and FDR drank alcohol but won wars. if you want a perfect president, never happen.

  21. Which exactly why Newt is starting to look so good. You watch. It’ll happen.

  22. If Newt Gingrich ends up winning… that will prove that the Tea Party meant nothing, and that Republicans don’t actually care about small government.

  23. I need to write about the Tea Party’s demise some day. Itsa comin. If Romney wins, then ditto.

  24. Randy in Richmond says:

    I would suspect that Republicans pretty much don’t believe in small government. But collectively that do believe in a smaller government. The Tea Party, if it never does another thing, meant everything in 2010. They neutralized a President who blew one of the biggest mandates this country has ever granted, and turned him essentially into a lame duck President 2 years into his term. In doing this they helped replace 63 Democratic Congress-people in the House of Representatives.

  25. 🙂 Well said! Maybe it’s time the Tea Party take a bow for all they’ve accomplished. It is kind of nice the way the press has laid off the group since the occupiers stepped in.