The City of Boulder, CO votes to form its own electric utility

I can’t say much about this one except that you should go read this story and then think about how interesting that decision could get.

I suspect in a dozen years this will be another you-get-what-you-vote-for story.


  1. Whoa, Milton. In general, I can’t stand you, but I do appreciate that link. Are you out there? How reliable is service?

    I think this Boulder thing is unique because of the takeover of another utility – they aren’t starting it from scratch to get service to an area.

  2. “In general, I can’t stand you”

    Because I’m a smartypants? 🙂

    Yes, the service is reliable. And the rates are lower than they otherwise would be. Did you know that 40 other Wisconsin communities participate?

  3. Yes, after I got a morning lecture I did learn that there are a lot of small municipal utilities out there in Wisconsin. Consider me schooled on the matter.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    The Oconomowoc statement says their charges are lower because they do not have to make a profit. That’s interesting as this would mean they are quite inefficient unless Xcel chooses to make only $0.43 of profit per household per month–which we know is not true. There may be advantages other than financial but economies of scale would point to this being a bad idea.

  5. Actually Randy it’s better to compare Oconomowoc to WE Energies who provides most of the infrastructure Oconomowoc uses.