#wecantwait – The story of a nimble Republican operative.

Now there’s a chance you missed it with all the spewing that’s being done against the right in the last week or so, but a very awesome thing happened at the end of last month. In the words of the Washington Examiner:

Now that the “Pass this bill” slogan has run its course, the New York Times this morning revealed that President Obama latest messaging slogan is “We can’t wait.”

The new slogan is being promoted on Twitter with the hashtag #wecantwait.

Nimble Republican operatives quickly ‘hijacked’ the hashtag as supporters picked up on it and spread their own “We can’t wait” messages across Twitter today.

But the Examiner is so conservative! you say… How about Talking Points Memo:

Republicans don’t have the White House’s megaphone, but give them credit for creativity.

They’ve co-opted President Obama’s new jobs mantra, “We Can’t Wait,” and turned it around on Democrats. On Twitter.

Or Business Insider:

After “Pass This Bill,” went nowhere, President Barack Obama will unveil his new jobs-related slogan today in Las Vegas: “We Can’t Wait.”

But before he rolls it out for the first time to hammer Congress for failing to pass his jobs bill, Republicans are already co-opting it to mock Obama on Twitter.

#WeCantWait was trending nationwide on Twitter Monday evening — with a significant number of snarky tweets critical of Obama.

Or here. Try Politico. No one can claim Politico is conservative. Oh, wait. Poltico didn’t cover it? Here. They gave you a copy of the bumper sticker the next day:

Here’s a nice wrap of from The Hill:

Republicans have again co-opted an Obama administration slogan to mock the president.

On Monday, the GOP used Obama’s #WeCantWait hashtag to criticize Democrats for the state of the economy.

“#WeCantWait to make @BarackObama a one-term president,” tweeted Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

But let’s go back to that first link. That @RNC tweet? We know that girl. You can see her again on the list as @bccohan. @reincepriebus? Well he’s at the RNC where Chairman Reince Priebus was clever enough to hire Brittany. While I understand he controls his own account, I also know there’s a great deal of coordination taking place. Many of the others on that list are directly linked to Brittany’s Twitter world. I know, because they are linked to mine, too.

And so, why the House GOP wanted in on the game with their #forgotten15, if you watched it all unfold that day you knew exactly which “nimble Republican operative” was taking that lead.

It was beautiful.

So beautiful that #wecantwait was trending at the end of the day. So pretty that Obama for America, the campaign branch of our government (Ok, that was snarky, but it could be true.) had minor meltdowns trying to right the hashtag ship.

In the end, the Republicans won that one. It was evident when a couple of days later this came out:

Another day, another slogan. (Another chance for fun!)